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Ryan on the Runway: Making the Cut, eps 1 & 2

The day has finally arrived! I'm so pumped up for this show. I love that Amazon uses an old school TV format and releases a new episode every Friday, rather than dumping it all in a big pile, like Netflix.


Am I naive thinking that Tim and Heidi really and truly enjoy each other? They both seem so utterly likable, it’s not so hard to imagine.

Nice that it’s only twelve designers, and from all over the world. The winner gets $1,000,000 and the winner of each challenge will be sold on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, clearly they spent a lot of money on the show. Jeez, having the first challenge at the Eiffel Tower, what a way to plant your flag.

Their first challenge: make two looks, one accessible and wearable, the other high fashion. They went to a fabric store and how interesting that there were random other shoppers in the store.

I loved all the technical jargon about putting together a “tech pack” to give to the seamstresses. Another detail that makes it seem more grown up than Project Runway.

The judges:

Designer Joseph Altuzzara

Editor Carine Roitfeld

Celebutante Nicole Richie

Supermodel Naomi Campbell

The runway show was off the hook amazing. It was touching to see the designers getting all emotional. Clearly some of them were better than others. And what a treat to have a show with no commercials.

Martha was on the chopping block but the judges were divided, so they kept her. I think she has a lot of promise, she needs to be more deliberate about being finished and thoughtful.

Sent home: Jasmine. The sheer dark green dress wasn’t a good idea - - it was a bold choice but didn’t quite come off.

Esther was chosen as the winner. I was surprised by that, my favorite piece by far was the beige dress with the red torso, I thought that was fascinating. Sorry I didn’t make a note of who made it - - it says something about the quality of the show that I was too busy watching the show to write something down!


I loved that the episode started with a classic Project Runway bit of flash-forward drama. “Oh Martha! What happened to Martha!”

The challenge: make a haute couture look and an accompanying look in a more ready-to-wear format. The winner will get their look sold on Amazon and also have a feature in judge Carine Roitfeld’s CR Fashion Book. I know I’m not in the business, but I never heard of her or the Fashion Book. Please forgive me.

The designers went to an exhibit of YSL at the Louvre for inspiration and made their sketches out on the plaza. And classic television, every bit of Martha is packed with, “When is she going to flip out?”

Heidi and Tim on a date, how adorable! I thought of a quote by Anna Madrigal in *Tales of the City:* “There are all sorts of marriages, Mona.”

A question: why are the designers bleeped when they swear? It’s not an Amazon thing, people swear on *Mrs. Maisel* all the time.

Richard, bless his heart, predicted that Heidi’s “performance” with the Moulin Rouge showgirls would be for an audience of one (Tim). It was cute, Miss Heidi was working that costume, and I loved how they dumbed down the choreography for her.

A few choice comments from the judges:

Naomi about Josh's dress: "I'm not putting my mother in that outfit." Heidi correctly identified the provenance of Troy's dress as "bathmat." And Richard loved Sabato's two white 1920s dresses, he called them "very Lady Mary."

What a joy to see the designers being so quiet and respectful during the critiques, there was no talking back and no excuses. That might change in future episodes, of course.

Martha was sent home. It was untenable that she had no sewing in either of her garments, that they were pinned together with safety pins. And what was with the meringue on the eyebrows.

I was crazy for Sander's silver satin creation, that was stunning. Heidi told them to make a show-stopper and that's what he did. But the hole at the crotch was ill-considered, it cracked me up that Heidi called it "the birth canal." He would have won the challenge if he'd made it a normal skirt, or better, pants.

Ji Won's little white dress was chosen by a buyer from Amazon. I thought her man's look was even more impressive. And Esther was the winner again! She better watch out, there’s gonna be a big target on her back now.

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