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The Diva / Mensch Duality

Julie Harr and I came up with the two pinnacles of human achievement back in the early 90s, the Diva and the Mensch.


The Diva has a big personality, lights up a room, carries her own personal spotlight.  The downside is she can become a bit tiresome.  Can we talk about me for a change?


The Mensch has a big heart, is generous and well-liked by everyone, including children and dogs.  The downside is he can be a bit of a martyr, if left unchecked.


The fun of these two archetypes is deciding who, of your friends and family, is one or the other, or both.  Or neither.


A word about gender-specific pronouns: I use “she” to describe the Diva and “he” to describe the Mensch for two reasons.  First, I think it’s important, in terms of gender equality, to use both feminine and masculine pronouns.  Second, I use those specific pronouns for those specific words because they’re the gender of the word itself: a Diva historically refers to a woman, a Mensch historically refers to a man.  Either of these terms (or both) could be applied to a man, a woman, or combination thereof.

The first Diva / Mensch pair when I launched this site was the perfect expression of the yin and yang of these two archetypes: Ginger and Mary Ann.

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