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Fabulous Friday: "You Never Can Tell'

I was cray Cray CRAAAAAYZEE for *Pulp Fiction* when it came out. I think I saw it three or four times in the theater, it was the start of my Tarantino love affair.

You Madison, Wisconsin dwellers of a certain age - - do you remember Market Square Theater? It was a multiplex over near West Towne Mall that showed movies for a dollar, sometime after they had their initial release. I was looking forward to going to see *Pulp Fiction* at Market Square and was going to convince my friend Jennifer Harrington that when this scene happened, we would run up to the front of the theater and dance in front of the screen. Never got around to it, but the memory is a good one!

Richard and I watched all eight of his movies, in order, ramping up to the premiere of *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood* and I was a little surprised that I didn't like *Pulp Fiction* as much anymore. It's still great, but it felt a little cocky, a little immature. But this scene, the dance contest, will never lose its charm.

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