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Diva / Mensch pair for 5/6/20

Are you aware of the cute thing that happened on Monday - - May the Fourth Be With You, in honor of *Star Wars*? I first learned of it a few years ago and was/am so clueless that I had to have it explained to me. "It's May 4th. May the Fourth Be With You. Get it?"

So I'm devoting the month of May to *Star Wars.* My first pair:

Diva: Han Solo

Mensch: Luke Skywalker

You might think that Luke, being the central hero of the whole series, would be a diva, but no. He's off on a quest of self-discovery and wants to save the universe. These are not things that naturally occur to a diva. Han, on the other hand, simply wants to look sexy, make a few wisecracks, and drive real fast.

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