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CDA: Phyllis McGuire, Tanya Roberts

Phyllis McGuire was the youngest of the McGuire Sisters, the lead singer, and the only one who was still alive. I became a fan of the McGuire Sisters in college, thanks to a tape my friend Laurie Ann McGowan lent me. I fell for them hook, line, and sinker, I was crazy for their relentlessly sunny, mid-century Americana sound. Here they are singing one of the biggest hits, "Sincerely." Phyllis is the one in the middle.

Phyllis was best known, apart from her singing career, for being the long-term girlfriend of mobster San Giancana. I read in the NY Times obit that HBO did a movie about it in 1995 with Mary-Louise Parker as McGuire and John Turturro as Giancana, but it's not on HBO Max or Hulu - - what a shocker, the whole thing is on YouTube:

My favorite recording of the McGuire Sisters is "Old Devil Moon." Manic and madcap!

And Tanya Roberts, that was a a surprise, only 65 years old. She first hit the scene in the final trio of *Charlie's Angels.* I had forgotten she was a Bond Girl (*A View To a Kill*), later having a wonderful comeback on *That 70s Show.* Here she is being interviewed by that old skank, Johnny Carson.

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