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*Lucia di Lammermoor,* 5/2/18

I saw *Lucia di Lammermoor* at the Met on 5/2/18. I saw this production when it was new, in 2007, and as much as I enjoyed it, I wasn't really seeking out an opportunity to see it again - - but when I saw that baritone Quinn Kelsey was playing Enrico, I snatched up a ticket. I heard him as Posa in *Don Carlo* in DC in March, and oo Lordy, that man has a VOICE. A true Verdi baritone, oozing with vocal charisma and deep musicality.

He didn't wow me as much as I had hoped. He was maybe a little too understated and elegant. He was playing Lucia's nasty brother, and I was expecting more drama out of him. He sang beautifully, but I was looking for more. He's playing Aida's dad in next season, maybe I'll check that out, that might be a more rewarding role for him (and for me, as a consumer).

Pretty Yende was the Lucia, and she was another disappointment. She has a (pardon me) pretty voice and knows what she's doing, but there wasn't anything very distinctive or exciting about her performance. Her high notes (and there are plenty in this role) were wiry and, to my ear, unstable. Maybe she was having an off night, or maybe this isn't the right role for her. It's unfortunate to see *Lucia* and not be entirely pleased with the woman playing Lucia.

The greatest singer onstage was Michael Fabiano, in the role of Lucia's boyfriend. I'd only heard him once before, as the the showboating tenor in *Die Fledermaus.* That was a DREADFUL show, though he sang well and came out unscathed. Still, it's a dippy role and doesn't create much of an impression. This was a different story. He was extraordinary, always exciting, always giving of himself. Jeez, this guy is only 33 years old. I hope he has a long and thrilling career ahead of him.

Here's the fabulous *Lucia* sextet from a 2009 Met performance. A lot of people were bothered by the wedding photo aspect of the staging, but I liked it a lot!

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