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*Asteroid City*
*May December*
*All Of Us Strangers*
*Anatomy of a Fall*

Honorable Mention: *Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny,* *Oppenheimer*


*Everything Everywhere All At Once*
*The Northman*
*Black Panther: Wakanda Forever*
*Women Talking*

​Honorable Mention: *Mrs Harris Goes To Paris*



*No Time To Die*

*The French Dispatch*

*Licorice Pizza*

*Parallel Mothers*

Honorable Mention: *West Side Story*


*The Human Voice*

*The Dig*

*The Lovebirds*

*Palm Springs*


Honorable Mention: *Emma*



*Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood*

*Pain and Glory*


*The Two Popes*

Honorable Mention: *Us,* *Star Wars Episode IX*


*Black Panther*

*Deadpool 2*

*Can You Ever Forgive Me?*

*The House That Jack Built*


Honorable Mention: *Ocean’s Eight,* *Sorry To Bother You*


*Get Out*

*The Beguiled*

*Atomic Blonde*

*Call Me By Your Name*

*Phantom Thread*

 Honorable Mention: *Manifesto,* *Wonder Woman,* *Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,* *Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri*





*Hidden Figures*


Honorable Mention: *Manchester By the Sea*


*Maps To the Stars*

*Woman in Gold*


*Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens*

*The Hateful Eight*

Honorable Mention: *The Wolfpack*. *The Man from UNCLE*. *Spectre*, *Carol*


*The Grand Budapest Hotel*

*Nymphomaniac* Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

*Only Lovers Left Alive*

*Venus in Fur*


Honorable Mention: *Birdman*, *Mr. Turner*, *Foxcatcher*



*World War Z*


*12 Years a Slave*

*Inside Llewyn Davis*


Honorable Mention: *August: Osage County*, *Hannah Arendt*, *The Bling Ring*



*The Cabin in the Woods*




*Django Unchained*

Honorable Mention: *Skyfall*



*The Tree of Life*

*The Skin I Live In*


*The Artist*

*We Need To Talk About Kevin*

Honorable Mention: *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two*


*The White Ribbon*

*The Social Network*

*Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One*

*The King’s Speech*


Honorable Mention: *Catfish*, *Black Swan*



*Julie and Julia*

*Inglourious Basterds*

*Whip It*

*A Serious Man*

*Broken Embraces*

Honorable Mention: *Valentino: The Last Emperor*, *The September Issue*, *Precious*, *The Hurt Locker*



*Sex and the City*

*Speed Racer*


*The Curious Case of Benjamin Button*

*Slumdog Millionaire*

Honorable Mention: *Man on Wire*





*No Country for Old Men*

*There Will Be Blood*


Honorable Mention: *La Vie en Rose*



*The Notorious Bettie Page*

*The Devil Wears Prada*

*The Queen*

*Marie Antoinette*


Honorable mention: *Drawing Restraint #9* and *Inland Empire*



*Vera Drake*

*Sin City*


*Good Night, and Good Luck*

*Brokeback Mountain*

Honorable mention: *The Aristocrats* and *Capote*



Two documentaries about Yves Saint Laurent



*Kill Bill Vol. 2*

*Bad Education*

Honorable mention: *Before Sunset* and *Metallica: Some Kind of Monster*


*Confessions of a Dangerous Mind*



*Lost in Translation*

*Kill Bill Vol. 1*

Honorable Mention: *Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle*



*Monster’s Ball*

*Spider-Man *

*Y Tu Mamá Tambien *

*8 Women *

*Frida *

Honorable mention: *Star Wars, Episode 2: Attack of the Clones*



*Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*


*Hedwig and the Angry Inch*

*Mulholland Drive*


Honorable mention: *Ocean’s 11*, *You Can Count on Me*



*American Psycho*

*The Cell*

*Charlie’s Angels*


*The Virgin Suicides*

Honorable mention: *The Contender*


Best Cameo, Female

2023    Rhea Perlman in *Barbie*

2022    Donna Mills, *Nope*

2021    Audra McDonald, *Respect*

2020    June Squibb, *Palm Springs*

2019    Sharon Tate, *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood*

2018    Four women in *Ocean's Eight*

2017    Harriet Sansom Harris, *Phantom Thread*

2016    Joan Collins, *Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie*

2015    Elizabeth McGovern, *Woman in Gold*

2014    Uma Thurman, *Nymphomanic Vol. 1*

2013    Alfre Woodard, *12 Years a Slave* and Joanna Lumley, *The Wolf of Wall Street*

2012    A major actress, *The Cabin in the Woods*

2011    Anna Paquin and Kristen Bell, *Scream 4*

2010    Winona Ryder, *Black Swan*

2009    Margot Kidder, *Halloween 2*

2008    Charlotte Rae, *You Don’t Mess with the Zohan*

2007    Laura Elena Harring, *Nancy Drew*

2006    Julia Ormond, *Inland Empire*

2005    Phyllis Diller, *The Aristocrats*

2004    Catherine Deneuve, YSL docu, and Lynn Redgrave, *Kinsey*

2003    Jaclyn Smith, *Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle*

2002    Gwyneth Paltrow, *Goldmember*

2001    Lee Grant, *Mulholland Drive*

2000    Mariel Hemingway, *The Contender*

Best Cameo, Male

2023    John Cena in *Barbie* and Snoopy in *Maestro*

2022    Ed Begley, *Amsterdam* and a surprising actor in *The Fabelmans*

2021    Christopher Lloyd, *Nobody*

2020    Michael Keaton, *The Trial of the Chicago 7*

2019    Luke Perry, *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood*

2018    Danny Glover in *Sorry To Bother You*

2017    Elton John, *Kingsman: The Golden Circle*

2016    Matthew Broderick, *Manchester By the Sea.*

2015    Max von Sydow, *Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens*

2014    Martin Short, Eric Roberts, and Martin Donovan, *Inherent Vice*

2013    Kevin Costner, *Man of Steel*, and a major actor, *American Hustle*

2012    Jim Croce singing “I Got a Name”, *Django Unchained*

2011    Vincent Cassell, *A Dangerous Method*

2010    Ernest Borgnine, *Red*

2009    Howard Hesseman, *Halloween 2*

2008    Chris Rock, *You Don’t Mess with the Zohan*

2007    Nicholas Cage, *Grindhouse*

2006    James Naughton, *The Devil Wears Prada*

2005    Rutger Hauer, *Sin City*

2004    many actors, *Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy*

2003    two stars, *Confessions of a Dangerous Mind*

2002    Tom Cruise, Kevin Spacey, and Danny De Vito, *Goldmember*

2001    Robert Forster, *Mulholland Drive*

2000    Dennis Quaid, *Traffic*

Remembrance of Movies Past

2023    *The Umbrellas of Cherbourg*

2022    *Ninotchka*

2021    *La Piscine* (aka *The Swimming Pool*)

2020    *Prince Valiant*

2019    *Gentlemen Prefer Blondes*

2018    *Babette's Feast*

2017    *Johanna d'Arc of Mongolia*

2016    *Baby Boom*

2015    *Thoroughly Modern Millie*

2014    *Arthur*

2013    *How to Marry a Millionaire*

2012    *Titanic*

2011    *Laura*

2010    *The Heiress*

2009    *Star Wars*

2008    *Rebecca*

2007    *Suddenly, Last Summer*

2006    *Sunset Boulevard*

2005    The Qatsi triology

2004    *Scenes from a Marriage*

2003    Cocteau/Philip Glass *Beauty and the Beast*

2002    *Judgement at Nuremberg*

2001    *Night of the Living Dead*

Movie That Needs To Be Made

2023    Something for Meryl Streep and Glenn Close

2022    A sequel to *The Proposal*

2021    A movie about the Mitford sisters

2020    A movie made of previews

2019    *Ocean's Nine* and *Ocean's Ten*

2018    A movie about the 1890s Colorado Co-Operative Colony

2017    Creepy biopic about Connie Francis

2016    *The Voyeur Motel*

2015    Simon Pegg, *Mission: Improbable*

2014    A miniseries adaptation of J. D. Salinger’s *Nine Stories*

2013    Movie with Parker Posey and Sarah Silverman playing sisters

2012    *The Makropoulos Case* with Catherine Deneuve

2011    Musical about Lana Peters (aka Svetlana Stalin)

2010    Madoff biopic with Gene Hackman and Julie Christie

2009    Guffman Group movie about a cult movie cast doing special features for the DVD

2008    Rock Hudson biopic starring Cheyenne Jackson

2007    Antoine Dowdell and Tarik Shah, brothers, jazz musicians, one in prison

2006    Movie about man-on-the-run Richard McNair

2005    Woody Allen flick with Glenda Jackson and Dianne Wiesst

2004    Duchess of Windsor biopic starring Meryl Streep

2003    Leni Riefenstahl biopic starring Jodie Foster

2002    Edie Sedgwick biopic starring Anne Heche


Eagerly Anticipated

2023    *Joker: Folie à Deux,* *Ballerina,* *Follies,* *Hamlet*

2022    *Barbie,* new *Indiana Jones,* new *Mission Impossible,* Oppenheimer,* *Nosferatu,* *Brideshead Revisited,* *Asteroid City,* *The Wonderful Story

             of Henry Sugar,* *Francis and the Godfather*

2021    *The Picture of Dorian Gray,* *Dali Land,* *Fever,* *Golda Meir,* *Merrily We Roll Along*

2020    *No Time To Die,* *Butterfly in the Typewriter,* *Don't Look Up,* *Dune,* untitled David O. Russell project

2019    *Macbeth,* *The Boys in the Band,* *The Prom,* *Sunset Boulevard,* *Wonder Woman 1984*

2018    *The French Dispatch,* *The Dead Wont' Die,* *Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,* *Charlie Says,* *Charlie's Angels,* *Deadpool 3,* *Dolor y gloria,*

             *Blanche Neige,* *Greta,* *Brightburn,* *Us,* *Little Women,* *Legally Blonde 3*

2017    *Untitled Patty Hearst Movie,* *Suspiria,* *Can You Ever Forgive Me?,* *Untitled Peggy Lee Project,* *Mary Queen of Scots*

2016    *The Beguiled,* *Isle of Dogs,* *The Family,* *Last Flag Flying,* *Happy End,* *Frantz*

2015    *Beauty and the Beast,* *Florence Foster Jenkins,* *Alien 5,* *Julieta,* *Everybody Wants Some*

2014    *The Little Mermaid.* *The Hateful Eight.* *The Dressmaker.* the next *Star Wars* movies

2013    *The Devil in the White City.* *In the Garden of Beasts.* *Into the Woods*

2012    *Untitled Christian Carmago Project* (based on *The Seagull*), *Janis,* *Fellini Black and White,* *The Bling Ring,* *I’m So Excited,* *Carrie,* *The Wolf                   of Wall Street,* *Lovelace,* *The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby*

2011    *Titanic,* *Dark Shadows,* *Anna Karenina,* *Gambit,* *The Master,* *August Osage County,* *Django Unchained,* *The Great Gatsby,* *Oz: the Great              and Powerful,* *A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III*

2010    *My Week with Marilyn,* *Cowboys and Aliens,* *The Moth Diaries,* *The Skin I Live In,* *Iron Lady,* *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two*

2009    Liberace movie, *Somewhere,* *The Green Hornet,* *Atlas Shrugged,* *Mildred Pierce*

2008    *Coco Avant Chanel,* *Happy Tears,* *Inglorious Basterds*

2007    *Funny Games,* *Mamma Mia!*

2006    *First Man*

2005    *Bernard and Doris,* *All the King’s Men,* *Manderlay,* *Youth Without Youth,* *Marie-Antoinette,* *The Women*

2004    *Rumor Has It,* *Che,* *Therese Raquin,* *Megalopolis,* *Bewitched,* *Elizabethtown*

2003    *Kill Bill, Volume 2,* *The Passion of the Christ,* *The Stepford Wives,* *The Aviator,* *Spider-Man 2*


Most Deserving of a Comeback

2023    Theresa Russell

2022    Shohreh Aghdashloo

2021    Robin Weigert

2020    Billy Crystal

2019    Lindsay Lohan?

2018    Eric Roberts

2017    Sigourney Weaver

2016    Drew Barrymore

2015    Sean Young

2014    Jeremy Northam

2013    Josh Hartnett

2012    Tom Hulce

2011    Anne Archer

2010    Clifton Collins, Jr.

2009    Ashley Judd

2008    Billy Dee Williams

2007    Ann-Margret

2006    Candice Bergen

2005    Winona Ryder

2004    Angela Bassett


Viva La Diva

2023    Scarlett Johansson, *Asteroid City*

2022    Angela Bassett, *Black Panther: Wakanda Forever*

2021    Charlotte Rampling, *Benedetta*

2020    Viola Davis, *Ma Rainey's Black Bottom*

2019    Isabelle Huppert, *Greta*

2018    Tilda Swinton, *Suspiria*

2017    Lesley Manville, *Phantom Thread*

2016    Laura Linney, *Nocturnal Animals*

2015    Cate Blanchett, *Cinderella*

2014    Angelina Jolie, *Maleficent*

2013    Oprah Winfrey, *The Butler*

2012    Charlize Theron, *Snow White and the Huntsman*

2011    Judi Dench, *My Week with Marilyn*

2010    Helen Mirren, *Red*

2009    Diane Kruger, *Inglourious Basterds*

2008    Emma Thompson, *Brideshead Revisited*

2007    Cate Blanchett, *Elizabeth: The Golden Age* and *I’m Not There*

2006    Jennifer Hudson, *Dreamgirls*

2005    Tilda Swinton, *The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe*

Nice Try

2023    *Priscilla*

2022    *Nope*

2021    *House of Gucci*

2020    *Rebecca*

2019    *Downton Abbey*

2018    *A Star Is Born*

2017    *Alien Covenant*

2016    *Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie*

2015    *Love and Mercy*, *Hail, Caesar!*

2014    *Inherent Vice*

2013    *I’m So Excited!*, *The Wolf of Wall Street*

2012    *The Master*, *Les Miserables*

2011    *The Iron Lady*

2010    *The Green Hornet*

2009    *Nine*, *Avatar*

2008    *Mamma Mia!*

2007    *Across the Universe*, *I’m Not There*

2006    *The Black Dahlia*


Horrorable Mention

2023    *M3GAN*

2022    *The Menu*

2021    *Scream*

2020    *The Viy*

2019    *3 From Hell*

2018    *Suspiria*

2017    *Mother!*

2016    *31*

2015    *Unfriended*

2014    *Under the Skin*

2013    *Carrie*

2012    *The Queen of Versailles*, *American Horror Story* on FX

2011    *Scream 4*

2010    *Piranha 3D*

2009    *District 9*

2008    *Teeth*

2007    *Halloween*


How Could I Have Missed It?

2023    *Sound of Metal*

2022    *Murder, My Sweet*

2021    *Macbeth*

2020    *Spaceballs*

2019    *Booksmart*

2018    *Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool*

2017    *Last Flag Flying,* *The Lure*

2016    *Humoresque*

2015    *Life of Pi*

2014    *Jason and the Argonauts*

2013    *Cloud Atlas*

2012    *I Am Love*

2011    *Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky*

2010    *Beverly Hills Chihuahua,* *Kick Ass*

2009    *Let the Right One In*

2008    *The Diving Bell and the Butterfly*


Break-Out Performance, Female

2023    Cailee Spaeny in *Priscilla*

2022    Judith Ivey, *Women Talking*

2021    Ana de Armas, *No Time To Die*

2020    Cristin Milioti, *Palm Springs*

2019    Julia Butters, *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood*

2018    Yalitza Aparicio, *Roma,* and Cynthia Erivo, *Widows*

2017    Gal Gadot, *Wonder Woman*

2016    Katherine Waterston, *Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them*

2015    Rooney Mara, *Carol*

2014    Kim Dickens, *Gone Girl*

2013    Margo Martindale, *August: Osage County*

2012    Olivia Williams, *Hyde Park on Hudson* and *Anna Karenina*

2011    Jennifer Ehle, *Contagion*

2010    Hailee Steinfeld, *True Grit*

2009    Gabourey Sibide, *Precious*


Break-Out Performance, Male

2023    Jacob Elordi in *Priscilla*

2022    Ke Huy Quan, *Everything Everywhere All At Once*

2021    Steve Park, *The French Dispatch* and Cody Smith-McPhee, *The Power of the Dog*

2020    Archi Barnes, *The Dig*

2019    Kang-ho Song, *Parasite*

2018    Lakeith Stanfield, *Sorry To Bother You*

2017    Daniel Kaluuya, *Get Out* and Timothée Chalamet, *Call Me By Your Name*

2016    Simon Helberg, *Florence Foster Jenkins.*

2015    Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver, *Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens*

2014    Timothy Spall, *Mr. Turner*

2013    Benedict Cumberbatch, *Star Trek: Into Darkness*, *12 Years a Slave*, *August: Osage County*

2012    Samuel West, *Hyde Park on Hudson*.

2011    Jean Dujardin, *The Artist*

2010    Jay Chou, *The Green Hornet*

2009    Christoph Waltz, *Inglourious Basterds*


Best Credits

2023    *Priscilla*

2022    *Black Panther: Wakanda Forever*

2021    *No Time To Die* and *Parallel Mothers*

2020    *Emma*

2019    *Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood*

2018    *Roma* and *Suspiria*

2017    *Call Me By Your Name*

2016    *Deadpool*

2015    *The Man from U. N. C. L. E.*

2014    *Birdman*, *The Grand Budapest Hotel*

2013    *August: Osage County*

2012    *Amour*

2011    *Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol*

2010    *The Green Hornet*

Fast Five

2023    Best lines: "Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” (Gone With the Wind) / "There’s a name for you ladies but it’s not used in polite society…outside of a

             kennel.” (The Women) / “Fasten your seat belts. It’s gonna be a bumpy night.” (All About Eve) / “My mother isn’t quite herself today.” (Psycho) / “He has his

             father’s eyes.” (Rosemary’s Baby)

2022    Best dance sequences: “Begin the Beguine “ from *Broadway Melody of 1940.* Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell / “Gotta Dance” and “Broadway Melody”                    from *Singin’ in the Rain.* Gene Kelly and Cyd Charisse / Finale of *The Red Shoes.* Moira Shearer and lots of other people / “Too Darn Hot” from *Kiss                    Me Kate.* Ann Miller and others / Nicholas Brothers, stairway number in *Stormy Weather*

2021    Best short performances, female: Winona Ryder in *Black Swan,* Sylvia Miles in *Midnight Cowboy,* Judi Dench in *Shakespeare In Love,* Jane Fonda in

             *Youth,* Rita Moreno in *Carnal Knowledge*

             Male: Hal Holbrook in *All the President's Men,* Ned Beatty in *Network,* Max von Sydow in *Hannah and Her Sisters,* Tom Cruise in *Tropic Thunder,*

             Dean Stockwell in *Blue Velvet*

2020    Best movie debuts, female: Barbra Streisand in *Funny Girl,* Cybill Shepherd in *The Last Picture Show,* Lily Tomlin in *Nashville,* Carrie Fisher                                 in *Shampoo,* Jennifer Hudson in *Dreamgirls* /

             Male: James Dean in *East of Eden,* Dustin Hoffman in *The Graduate,* Chris Sarandon in *Dog Day Afternoon,* Alan Rickman in *Die Hard,* Jason                         Schwartzman in *Rushmore*

​2019    Best cameos: Truman Capote in *Murder By Death,* Jack Nicholson in *Broadcast News,* Diane Keaton in *Radio Days,* Julia Roberts and Bruce Willis in                *The Player,* Brad Pitt and Matt Damon in *Confessions of a Dangerous Mind*

2018    Movies I get sucked into when they're on TV: *Now, Voyager,* any of the *Star Wars* movies, *The Shawshank Redemption,* *The American President,* 

             any of the Harry Potter movies

2017    Best lines: *The Wizard of Oz,* *The Women,* *Sunset Boulevard,* *Psycho,* *The Devil Wears Prada*

2016    Celebrity death double-headers: Carrie Fisher/ Debbie Reynolds, Farah Fawcett/Michael Jackson, Michelangelo Antonioni/Ingmar Bergman, Milton                               Berle/Dudley Moore/Billy Wilder, Orson Welles/Yul Brynner

2015    Best montages: *Reds,* *The Purple Rose of Cairo,* *Team America,* *Clueless,* *Marie Antoinette*

2014    Worst movie mothers: *The Manchurian Candidate,* *Mommie Dearest,* *Carrie,* *Precious,* *August: Osage County*

             Worst movie fathers: *The Heiress,* *Cat On a Hot Tin Roof,* *The Great Santini,* *A Thousand Acres,* *There Will Be Blood*

2013    Best women’s costumes: *To Catch a Thief,* *Sabrina,* *Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,* *Annie Hall,* *Singin’ in the Rain*

2012    Best musical numbers: “Over the rainbow,” “Think pink,” Wig in a box,” “Triplets,” “The man that got away”

2011    Best camera movements: *Thoroughly Modern Millie,* *Queen Christina,* *The Graduate,* *Tape,* *Rope*



2023    *Maestro*

2022    *Amsterdam*

2021    *Annette*

2020    *The Jesus Rolls*

2019    *The Irishman*

2018    *The Favourite*

2017    *Dunkirk*

2016    *Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them*

2015    *A Very Murray Christmas*

2014    *Noah*

2013    *The Great Gatsby*

2012    *Anna Karenina*


Briefly Noted

2023    None!

2022    *The Banshees of Inisherin,* *The Fabelmans*

2021    *Nobody,* *Respect,* Don't Look Up,* *Being the Ricardos,* *The King's Man,* *The Power of the Dog,* *Belfast,* *Death on the Nile,* *Drive My Car*

2020    *The Boys in the Band,* *Wonder Woman 1984,* *The Trial of the Chicago 7,* *Mank,* *The 40-Year Old Version,* *The United States vs. Billie Holiday,*                   *The Prom*

2019    *Yesterday,* *Harriet,* *Judy,* *A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood,* *Little Women,* *Marriage Story,* *Joker,* *1917*

2018    *Widows, * BlackkKlansman,* *The Wife*

2017    *Frantz,* *Logan Lucky,* *Victoria and Abdul,* *Darkest Hour,* *The Shape of Water,* *The Post,* *Lady Bird,* *Happy End,* *Black Panther*

2016    *The Dressmaker,* *Florence Foster Jenkins,* *Arrival,**Nocturnal Animals,* *La La Land,* *Lion,* *Elle*

2015    *Mad Max: Fury Road,* *Mission: Impossible - - Rogue Nation,* *Crimson Peak,* *The Martian,* *The Revenant*

2014    *Lucy,* *Alive Inside,* *Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,* *Gone Girl,* *Into the Woods*

2013    *Captain Phillips,* *Fruitvale Station,* *Nebraska,* *American Hustle*

Guilty Pleasure

2023    *Maid in Manhattan*

2022    *Beyond the Valley of the Dolls*

2021    *The Proposal*

2020    *Gambit*

2019    *Death on the Nile*

2018    *Rome Adventure*

2017    *Eyes of Laura Mars*

2016    *The First Wives’ Club*

2015    *Black Sunday,* aka *The Mask of Satan*

2014    *The Long Kiss Goodnight*

On Second Thought

2023    *Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon*

2022    *Nope*

2021    *Broadcast News*

2020    *Pulp Fiction*

2019    *My Beautiful Laundrette*

2018    *Atonement*

2017    *The Exterminating Angel*

2016    *Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery*

2015    *Lincoln*

Best Use of a Pop Song

2023    *Ther Power of Love" in *All of Us Strangers*

2022     “Help Me Make It Through the Night” in *Corsage*

2021    "Sono Bugiarda" (aka "I'm a Believer") in *House of Gucci*

2020    "The Look of Love" in *The Boys in the Band*

2019    "Sinnerman" in *Harriet*

2018    "Nine To Five" and "All Out Of Love" in *Deadpool 2*

2017    The songs in *Atomic Blonde*

2016    “Hello, Stranger” in *Moonlight*

Best Documentary

2023    *The Lady Bird Diaries*

2022    *Fire of Love*

2021    *Summer of Soul*

2020    *Circus of Books*

2019    *Maiden*

2018    *The Gospel According to Andre*

2017    *The Opera House*

Movie Project

2023    All of the James Bond movies

2022    All four *Airport* movies

2021    Ingmar Bergman festival

2020    Still working on those Bruce Lee movies

2019    All five Bruce Lee movies

2018    Hitchcock talkies

A New Invention Called "Television"

2023    *Ted Lasso*

2022    The Graham Norton Show

2021    *The Gilded Age*

2020    Jeopardy

2019    *The Crown*

Best Preview

2023    *Joker: Folie à Deux*

2022    *Nope*

2021    *House of Gucci*

2020    *The Human Voice*

Best Filmworld Biography

2023    *Finding Me* by Viola Davis

2022    *Every Frenchman Has One* by Olivia de Havilland

2021    *Can I Go Now?: The Life of Sue Mengers, Hollywood's First Superagent*

Favorite Performance

2023    Josh Hartnett in *Oppenheimer*

2022    Zoe Saldaña in *Amsterdam*

Most Deserving of a Sequel

2023    *The Truman Show*

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