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Richard and Karen and I went to the Metropolitan Museum on 8/25/17 to see the Rei Kawakubo show at the Costume Institute. She's a wacko Japanese designer, best known for her Commes des Garçons line. I have a vague memory of Diane Keaton rocking Kawakubo's oversized cotton jackets back in the 80s, but there was nothing so pedestrian in this show!


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This was our favorite assembly.

Here's a zoom in, so you can see all the gingham glamour.

Karen is intrigued. Richard is bemused.

Karen said, "If you were to stay at a cute Victorian bed and breakfast, this is the ghost that would haunt you."

Conjoined couture?

These gals look demure, by comparison.

Richard loved the monkey fur neckpiece. I didn't know quite how to feel about this outfit, but decided to like it.

We loved the one in the middle, the draping is divine. Check out the down comforter hanging out of the bottom.

I said to Richard, about the one on the right, "That's totally Lady Gaga." He said, "And the other one is Tony Bennett."

Another outfit that looks sort of normal. I might even describe that as "pretty!"

Karen was bothered by the dress on the right. I can see her point.

Wowie wow. Zoom in to get a load of these getups.

Maybe Karen is reaching in her bag for her checkbook, hoping to buy that butcher paper dress? She would rock that look, for SURE!

We went up to the roof before we left. The Met is on the edge of Central Park, so you get a spectacular view of the city up there.

And we stopped by this statue of Perseus on our way out. Scott Seyforth and I call this "the greatest ass in art history."

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