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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep9

Anna had a hard time with Octavio being sent home - - she had a little monologue at the start of the episode and had a crying jag in the workroom later. Hey honey, that’s show biz. Your career will be built over the dead bodies of the people you killed on your way up.

The designers got a text from Christian inviting them to brunch at a bar next door. They shrieked at the words “bottomless mimosas.” Christian and Brandon met them at the bar to announce the challenge: make a cocktail dress using materials found in the cocktail bar.

The vibe was surprisingly well-mannered. No mania, no screaming, no fighting over a throw pillow. The workroom was full of waffling ideas, spray painting, burning plastic, and full on singing that was allegedly a tribute to Miss Patti LaBelle. I was more into Aaron giving a shout-out to Miss Myrna Loy.

Guest judge: designer Christopher John Rogers.


Aaron: oh yes, so gorgeous. The cape was off the hook. Nina called it “extremely polished.”

Shantall: YES, so fantastic. Looked like a real dress. The single sleeve was so daring. Brandon: “What kind of person just picks straws? That is a person who clearly has no fear.”

Kristina: it was too bare for my taste. Plus it looked stiff. I would have put Bones on the top instead of her. But Nina said, “I can feel the confidence in this design.”


Chasity: cute shape but very unfinished. And parts of it were falling off on the runway (never a good thing).

Anna: crafty, sloppy, awful. Elaine thought it showed a lack of taste. Ouch.

Prajjé: better than in could have been! But many fit issues and the judges had feelings about the doilies.

The winner was Shantall and Prajjé was sent home.

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