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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep8

The challenge: create a comfy chic look that’s both luxurious and cozy. You can wear it at home on the couch but still wear it out on the town. A one-day challenge.

The designers were interviewed for the camera, asked what they wore during the lockdown. Amusing. Prajjé was my favorite: he sat around the house naked. Why waste clothes when nobody’s going to see you?

They went to Mood and we got a quick glimpse of Swatch. Love that little dog. Back in the workroom, the designers were having issues with the different sides of the challenge: some were too evening, some were too shlubby. Once again Prajjé had the funniest comment - - he said looking around the room it looked like “some were going to a wedding, some were going to a strip club.”

They had a visit in the workroom from Cyndi Lauper and PR18 winner Geoffrey Mac. They had some helpful suggestions, especially Mac. Some of the designers still seemed to still be struggling with the balance between chic and cozy.

The guest judge was Maria Cornejo, found and creative director of Zero + Maria Cornejo.


Chasity. Beautiful and breezy. Nina loved that it was three separate pieces that could work with other garments. Elaine liked the mix of girly and sporty.

Aaron: nice but a little ordinary. The sweater cheapened it. I was surprised they chose this over Shantall, I was crazy for Shantall’s look. But Elaine agreed with me about Aaron: she used the word “frumpy.”

Kristina: Nina said it was very Resort. Brandon felt like it bordered on costume. I felt like it was a little too tricked out.


Octavio: I was surprised he was on the bottom, I thought it was a very cute jacket and I liked that she showed her undies. Brandon was not a fan of the super long sleeves, he said it was like a Slinky.

Prajjé: dull. That’s all I need to say.

Coral: too evening, not enough couch. The judges all agreed it was a sharp outfit but not an execution of the challenge.

Zayden: oh Lord that outfit did her no favors. Bulky. And too much going on.

Kristina was the winner. A surprise to me. I would have given the win to Shantall, who wasn’t even in the top! Another surprise: both Octavio and Zayden were sent home!

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