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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep5

Christian told the designers to grab a box on the accessory wall. The box contained a one-of-a-kind accessory made by a New York designer. Their challenge was to make a runway look that supported a newly-made accessory made by the designer they were paired with. The accessories designers came into the room and talked with the PR designers about their collaboration. Visa was having a COVID moment on this episode - - they saw the importance of supporting designers and small businesses so gave the winning duo $25,000, to be split between the two designers.

The pairs had more collaboration time after the trips to Mood and Hai Trim and Feathers. Lots more collaboration and consultations with Christian, yadda yadda. Back at the apartment Zayden got a call from his partner saying that they had gotten a letter saying they were behind on their rent. Real World Invasion! Yikes, can you imagine.

The accessories designers came back with the pieces they had made. The PR designers were thrilled.

On to the runway! The guest judge was Steven Kolb, CEO of CFDA, the Council for Fashion Designers of America. He’s so marvelous.


Prajée: love it, divine! So elegant. Kolb called it “sophisticated glamour” and said he could see Jackie Kennedy Onassis in it, or Lady Gaga.

Coral: interesting. Bravo to her for listening to Christian and not doing something in black. I was surprised to see her on the top, I would have been Aaron on the top instead, his look was a whole experience.

Kristina: very pretty, and the shoes are super cute. The outfit highlighted the shoes in a good way. Understated but powerful. Kolb loved that there were lots of separate pieces.

Octavio: major drama, I liked it. I wasn’t sure the judges would be into it but clearly they were!


Zayden: a lot going on. The judges felt like the bag was lost in everything, when the whole look should have been supporting that one element.

Bones: too much going on, too much volume, too much shimmer. Elaine felt like the dress wasn’t flattering. She said, “I wouldn’t wear it, I don’t know who would wear it.” Kolb could see what elements of the dress were done at the last minute.

Katie: I was disappointed, I felt like she was finally giving us something that communicated who she was but the judges had many issues, with the weight of the fabric, the hemline, lots of things.

The winner was Kristina. I was hoping it would be her, her look was so quiet but beautifully thought out and executed. She really highlighted the accessory in a way that the others didn’t. Katie was sent home. She started the episode saying she had been in the bottom four times, so it seemed like the writing was on the wall. She’s so sweet and clearly has a distinctive voice. I hope she makes it, whatever that means for her.

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