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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep12

First off, could you believe the double biff I had in my Ryan on the Runway column last week? First the subject title was just plain "PR." Duh. And more horrifically, the column started with the words, "TELL OTHER COCO ROCHA STORY." Which was a note to myself and clearly not meant for publication. I. Could. Just. DIE.

This season is going by fast, am I right? Very interesting that 10 out of the 13 challenges had been won by the designers in the final four. That’s impressive. Wow, that gorgeous view from the roof of wherever the hell they are. They said Rockefeller Center which doesn’t really specify the actual building…

The challenge: create a look that looks to the future and makes the judges want to see their full collection at Fashion Week.

The visit to Mood was a perfect example of a complaint my dear friend Laura has: Christian gives too much advice! Tim Gunn would never be so overt in his advice.

They went to the workroom and met with two women from the CFDA, who counseled them on how to establish, define, and develop their brands. They spoke with them as a group and then individually. What a treat - - they have their individual meetings while looking at the looks they had created over the course of the season.

I have a question. Have there been any last-minute curve balls in the challenge this season? I don’t remember that happening.

Guest judge: Karlie Kloss. Nice to see her again.

Kristina: I wasn’t into it, it wasn’t high fashion, it was totally JoAnn Fabrics bargain bin and looked like it was made in an hour and a half. Nina thought it showed versatility but Elaine thought it was too reminiscent of what they’d seen earlier in the season.

Coral: gorgeous, so well executed and special. Coral spoke very passionately about her intention and her vision.

Chasity: beautiful dress, so fabulous. And Richard pointed out the great makeup, which was part of the challenge. Elaine felt like it was a little dated and felt like the clothes that Chasity was wearing were more modern and innovative than the gown she had shown. The judges asked her if she thought she would have made the final four and she got emotional talking about her journey to get there.

Shantall: full of attitude, love the back most of all. Brendan was impressed with the ambition of the design but he didn’t like the peplum. Karlie liked the peplum.

And the judges’s decision: ARGGGH! I am so over four people in the finale! Fed up with it! Clearly Kristina was the loser, am I right? The others all did so much better than her.

Wow, $10,000 and five months to create their collections.

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