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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep10

It had been so long since the previous episode, I was afraid I wouldn’t remember who anyone is. Then it all came back to me. A bit like a bad dream. But just a bit.

This was the “real client” challenge and their real clients were women from the Real Housewives of Orange County, Potomac, and New York City. The designers were designing outfits for their upcoming reunion show, which I guess is a big deal in the Housewife World.

Can we please put the word “real” in air quotes? Previous “real client’ challenges had, for example, the moms of the designers. That’s what I call Real. The housewives are Unreal. Which I guess is their whole appeal?

The designers met with the clients, took their measurements, and talked through ideas. The clients, were of course, full of opinions. The trip to Mood is full of compromises and new ideas which filled me with fear.

Christian visited the workroom and had lots of good advice. As always, it was a balance of pleasing the client and staying true to one’s personal vision. Coral appeared to be in the most trouble: she took the requests of her client and did the opposite on every bullet point. But whadya know, the client really loved it. Freaking miraculous.

Poor Kristina had a hard time with her client, she had a crying fit and had to go outside for a smoke. Her client had a gather-round moment with the other housewives to talk a little trash. Not pretty. Kristina tried to start the next day right with a glass of celery juice. Which is a cure-all, right?

The guest judge was of course the delicious Andy Cohen, creator of the Housewives franchise. It was fun seeing and hearing the designers scream and cheer during the runway show.


Shantall: so full of power, so confident. Brandon said the dress showed “a real understanding of women.” High praise.

Bones: cute little dress, well made, full of attitude. Andy said the dress looked like her. Nina loved all of the details on the dress.

Aaron: major drama and perfect for the client. Nina was crazy for the color, that hot pink was where it was at.


Coral: isn’t a long dress off challenge? The judges felt like the beige color was too monochromatic and drab, it wouldn’t come across on TV. But I'm putting her in the middle because she wasn't in the bottom three.


Anna: Real Housewives of Star Trek Voyager. Nina said it was poorly made and felt like the client had a hard time walking. Anna said that was her point, that she wanted the client to walk slowly. Okay…

Kristina: nice but a little underpowered. Elaine felt like the fabric choice was dated. The client said the final look was 95% Kristina’s aesthetic and 5% hers. Ouch.

Chasity: beautifully fitted, sophisticated but with oomph. Nina felt like the choice of black was a problem. I would have loved to have seen that same dress in purple.

Shantall was chosen as the winner. I would have given it to Aaron, I felt like his outfit was so much more extraordinary. Anna was sent home. If you do the litmus test between her and Kristina and chose the look that was the bigger failure, it was Anna’s hands down.

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