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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep 4

The designers were brought to the workroom, which was decked out with flowers. The challenge: create a high end fashion look that embraces floral prints. Each designer will work with a graphic designer to create their own floral print.

The designers talked about their inspirations. Sabrina was inspired by her journey out of Afghanistan. Darren was inspired by Sponge Bob.

The designers got their fabric back from the printer. Some were thrilled, some were less thrilled.

Christian was full of saucy observations in the workroom. He was concerned about the area of the jumpsuit covering what Sabrina called “The Ding Dong.” She wasn’t sure that was the right term - - I would call it a Hoo Ha.

Christian said Darren’s outfit made her think of ladies in Palm Beach who’ve had a little wine and were now a little messy. Darren was fine with that description.

Christian described Katie’s look as “Doris Day goes to the mall.”

Guest judge: Gigi Hadid! Who was so cute.


Kristina: I was surprised to see her on the top. I felt like the underdress was too shiny and tacky looking but I love the fabric of the robe.

Shantall: again, surprised she was on the top. It was a sharp look but the flowers were invisible. Brandon was impressed that she lined the sleeves on the jacket.

Prajjé: again with the surprise! This was a little too Carmen Miranda for me. Nina was impressed with the placement of the print. Brendan said he had a “gay child moment” - - “Oh, she is so pretty!”

Who do I think should have been in the top instead of these three? Aaron. His yellow outfit with the big pant leg was marvelous.


Darren: cheesy! He was surprised to be on the bottom. Nina felt that both the print and the design were a yawn. Brendan said Darren knows how to design but is not yet a designer.

Sabrina: wow, talk about taking a risk! I guess the judges didn’t feel it paid off. Christian encouraged her to ditch the skirt - - of course she didn’t listen to him and of course the judges loved it without the skirt.

Katie: sloppy, sloppy, sloppisiimo! Elaine pointed out that it was supposed to be “a high end runway look” and this definitely was not that.

The winner was Shantall with the invisible flowers! But the look was supreme. Darren was sent home. Total amateur hour. I’m sure Katie felt like God was smiling down on her. But maybe not for long, honey!

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