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Ryan on the Runway: PR19, ep 3

This was a spooktacular challenge. Did you notice the “Thriller”-esque music at the start of the episode? I did. Thank you. Christian started things off in the apartment surprising the designers in a vampire cape. Boo!

The designers are brought to the Bartow-Pell Mansion in Pelham Bay, which is allegedly haunted. Christian made a spectral video appearance giving the details of the challenge: create a macabre, “hauntingly chic” look with a mask. Not a costume. They’re supposed to be inspired by the haunted mansion. They toured the mansion and EEK! they spent the night there. All kinds of creepy business, like flickering lights and unexplained noises.

Off to Mood and what a treat to see Swatch! He’s an old boy, bless his heart. Christian was disappointed that nearly everyone was doing black or red. Yawn.

Back to the workroom. A question for you: is anyone else bothered by seeing a designer with pins in their mouth? That always gives me the heebie jeebies. Another question: many of the designers used fabric they had brought with them when they came on the show. Have we seen that before? One last question: I know that Bones is totally hot but is it appropriate for him to spend so much time shirtless in the workroom?

Guest judge: Taraji P. Henson! She is so super cute. And wow, she was a scream.

I liked how they did the reveal of the top and bottom designs.


Anna: fantastic, and I loved the creative solution for the mask.

Octavio: I liked it, it was risky but I thought it worked. The judges thought even though it was voluminous the proportions were right on.

Chasity: so beautiful, very high fashion. The judges were all crazy for it.


Zayden: I’m glad he figured out the issue with the model not being able to walk. The judges had major issues with the construction and felt like he made a bad choice with the fabric.

Kenneth: I couldn’t quite figure out how I felt about it. Taraji felt it was confusing, Nina felt it was unfinished. Elaine felt it was unflattering.

Bones: major drama, and the model totally delivered. I was shocked that was on the bottom. Nina thought it was “showgirl.” Taraji pointed out the sloppiness. Nina: “It didn’t feel unfinished.” Brandon: “But it didn’t feel STARTED either!” Hilarious.

The winner was Chasity. I love that she was so shocked when they announced her name. And the auf was Kenneth. I’m sure Bones was pooping his pants.

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