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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 8

It was hard to see Victoria being so down on herself. I know that they’re all in a pressure cooker and everything is amped up to an 11 at all times, but part of being a successful ANYTHING is staying cool under pressure and not letting a bump in the road derail your journey.

The challenge: create an editorial look using sheer fabric. My thought was, “Could be a disaster!”

But zoinks, Victoria’s crisis of confidence seems like small beans compared to Dayoung getting another visit from the set medic! Ugh, how awful. She decided to leave the competition and take care of herself.

Of course since they were down one designer, they brought back an eliminated designer, and of course that was Marquise, who was the last designers to be eliminated. The other designers were all surprised and and excited. I know I say this every season, but have they never watched the show before?

One aspect of the sheer fabrics that I hadn’t thought of was that the seams would be exposed. And you know the judges miss nothing.

Interesting workroom situations: Christian warned Victoria not to keep doing the same silhouette over and over, Sergio declared himself King of the Hill in terms of technical prowess, and Geoffrey was outside smoking. And to cap it all off, Victoria decided to leave, due to the fact that she didn’t really understand what “sheer” meant the expectations of the challenge. A few of the other designers did an intervention with her and basically told her to put on her big girl panties and stay in the competition.

In this episode we had the defining moment of Christian as a mentor: he checked in with Victoria in the sewing room and she was silent and sullen. He said, “Does this mean you’re mad at me?” Can you imagine Tim Gunn saying that?

Guest judge: model Paloma Elsesser.


Nancy: so strong, so lovely, so beautifully made, perfect for the model. They were all crazy for the pockets. Elaine said the dress took her somewhere she wanted to be. And isn’t that what high fashion should do?

Sergio: beautiful, but I felt like the tassels on the pelvis were a little dicey.

Marquise? I thought his look was a little hasty. I would have put Brittany on the top instead of him, I thought her look was super cute and beautifully made.


Chelsey: it looked unfinished, Brandon was anticipating a nip slip moment with the bandeau bra, and Nina didn’t understand why the skirt was done in off white rather than blue.

Geoffrey: Brandon felt like the boobs were too loose and free. Elaine liked that he stayed by his look, stood true to his aesthetic, and didn’t make excuses. Which I thought would lead us straight to Victoria!

Victoria: oh girl, why did she say she was about to quit? Brandon: “This industry is not for babies.” Elaine felt like the dress celebrated the body of the model, but yes, it did look like it was made in two hours.

Sergio was the winner. I would have given the win to Nancy, but I loved that she was so happy to be in the top two and genuinely pleased for Sergio. She’s a class act. Chelsey was sent home.

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