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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 7

Anyone heard of Ashley Longshore? She’s allegedly the new Andy Warhol. Mm kay! Whoever she is, I love her energy and her work. The challenge: they’ were given Ashley Longshore fabric (fabric made from her paintings) and told to make a look using the fabric as their inspiration.

Why was everyone so hating on Sergio?

They had one-on-one consultations with Ashley, who was very Southern and kind in her criticism. Bless y’all!. As usual, the designers had varying levels of success with Christian, and as usual he wasn’t exactly helpful.

Dayoung, poor thing, got sick again. She saw a medic and decided to push through it. Marquise had bigger issues, it’s always alarming when a designer says, “I don’t think the judges will notice ___.” Well, either they would notice it on their own, or someone on the crew told them about it!


Delvin: it was a classic design that worked well with the bold print.

Dayoung: Nina loved the silhouette and how thoughtfully she placed the solid fabric.

Brittany: the 3-D butterflies were fabulous, the overall look was so strong. Nina saw the outfit as a very successful collaboration, between the artist and the designer.


Victoria: of course the judges didn’t like the white fabric having such a primary role in a print challenge.

Nancy: the judges felt that the model was swallowed by the oversized outfit. It was much stronger when the model turned off the coat. Brandon was undone by Nancy saying that the pants “flooded her basement.”

Marquise: of course the judges asked to see the outfit without the jacket, so they could see just how badly fitted the blouse was. Did I call that?

Brittany was the winner, such a fantastic look. And touching because she’s a big Longshore fan. Marquise was sent home, his outfit was clearly the biggest fail.

Next week looks like high drama - - more illness from Dayoung and big big drama from Victoria. Oy.

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