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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 12

I really hate the middle school playground system of choosing anything - - each person chooses the next person and some poor schlub is left last. As much as I don’t like Victoria, I did feel bad for her.

The challenge: create an avant garde look to be presented at The Vessel. A dear friend who is an architect says that The Vessel is “the most derided piece of public art in world history.” Which is an achievement, right? I haven’t been there, I’m sure I’ll go there at some point but I have no burning desire to go anytime soon. The designers were informed that two of them would be eliminated in this challenge, they’re be choosing the final four. So bring it on, kids.

The were given a full hour and $600 at Mood. We learned Geoffrey used to have a latex company. Was anyone surprised about that?

Surprise! Christian took them into a side room where all of their work from previous challenges was on racks, and they were told to choose two pieces to show with their new piece. Very interesting, I liked that a lot.

Geoffrey had a mishap, cut himself and was bleeding on his garment. What a shame he wasn’t working on latex, he could just wipe it off. I LOVE that he was schooling his model about the uses for lube. He was using it to shine up his latex garment. No, really.

The judges arrived at The Vessel and Brandon, who is terribly afraid of heights, planted himself on a lower level. Bless his heart. Guest judge: Rachel Brosnahan, our beloved star of *The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel!* I thought it was interesting that she was introduced as an “actress,” not many women are using that word there days.

I have to say it was high drama seeing the models go up the elevator and go down the stairs. I wish they had touched on how the designers needed to take into account the scale of the space and the use of the stairs.

Brittany: the judges loved the impact and drama of the hot pink coat. They weren’t sold on the dress underneath. Brandon said it might have been better to pair the coat with jeans, that would have been cool.

Nancy: Nina wasn’t floored by it, she said it was “a black cloud.” She felt like it didn’t live up to the setting.

Marquise: the judges felt the outfit was a bigger success without the jacket. Maybe the model should have removed the jacket on the runway.

Geoffrey: Elaine loved that the latex was used with fluidity. Nina wished he had worked in latex earlier. Brandon thought it was “Land Before Time,” which I didn’t understand.

Sergio: of course he had to go on and on about his female samurai inspiration. Oh Nina! She called him out for the John Galliano and Alexander McQueen reference with the hair and makeup.

Victoria: I was least impressed with her outfit, it looked like a lovely red carpet look to me, not really avant garde.

I thought it was interesting that the judges talked almost exclusively about the new pieces - - why did they show three pieces if they’re only going to address one of them.

The final four: Geoffrey, Victoria, Nancy, and Sergio. Which means that Marquise and Brittany were sent home. Interesting that the two auf’d designers were the two who had been eliminated. It has to be really tough being so close and then sent home.

Breaking news! One of my favorite people and a devoted reader sent me the official preview for Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum's new show on Amazon! It's just a few weeks off, I can't WAIT to see that.

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