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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 11

Happy birthday, Victoria. Let’s get some positive attitude from you today, shall we?

The challenge: create a victory dress for an Olympic or Paralympic athlete. The designers were clearly inspired by their clients, there was a wonderful spirit in their conversations with them. I was concerned that the bright spirit would continue when they saw the damn dresses!

I loved the silliness in the workroom, with the designers (and Christian) doing their version of Olympic events. My favorite was Marquise, who rolled across the room on his mannequin. The highlight of the episode was the late night conversation between Nancy and Brittany - - Nancy went on and on about the challenges of her design and Brittany was OVER IT, on the brink of falling asleep. Hilarious.

Guest judge: Lindsey Vonn. 82 World Cup victories, wow!

Did you notice that the judges were all sweetness and light while the clients were eon the runway? It was impossible to tell who would be on the top and who on the bottom.


Nancy: wow, her look was amazing. so extraordinary. Nina put it perfectly, it was a great combination of fashion, function, and fantasy.

Victoria: she did great job of catering to her client but still delivering the (four or five) things that she does.


Sergio: I thought the dress was very basic and Karlie made the point that even though she was pregnant, she could still be fitted.

Brittany: Nina thought it was cliché. Brittany defended herself by saying that she gave her client what she asked for, but Lindsey said, as a frequent client herself, she often has firm ideas of what she wants but then is shown or talked into something else by the designer or stylist.

Geoffrey: I thought the dress was a show-stopper, but there were some fit issues. I like that the judges gave him a pass for the blotch he got from the “community iron.”

Marquise: they felt the top should have been lined and the overall look was a little junior.

I loved that Nancy was the winner. But how on earth could they not choose someone to go home? One day you’re in and the next day you’re still in? And yes, they will be eliminating two designers in the next challenge.

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