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Ryan on the Runway: PR18, ep 10

You know how each episode starts with a recap of the previous episode? It was delightful to see Christian save Brittany again.

Karlie introduced the challenge: make an elevated tie-dye look. Nina came out on the runway wearing a crisp white cotton dress with emerald green tie-dye designs, made by Prada. The designers got a master class from New York’s premier dyeing company, Metro Dyeing. Some designers were more attentive and more engaged than others. Will this have an effect in the final results?

The trip to Mood was typical but we had lots of adorable footage of Swatch! I love that dog.

Another wrinkle of the challenge: the designers were not being sent back to the apartment at the end of the day, they were spending the night in the workroom. Have we seen that before? The dyeing results were predictably variable, it seems like nearly all the designers were surprised, shocked, and/or horrified by the way something came out.

On to the runway: I almost never mention what the judges wear, but what was Karlie thinking with the lemon yellow blouse and the golden yellow detail on the skirt? Ugh, that was gruesome. But my distaste was wiped out by guest judge Leslie Jones! WOO HOO! I was undone by her loud commentary during the runway show


Sergio: I thought the tie-dye was too subtle, but the judges loved that. And the dress was crisp, lovely, divine. And the godet work was exceptional.

Geoffrey: a bold choice on the muted color palette, and such a gorgeous shape. Leslie was crazy for it.

Nancy: they thought the tie-dye was the most controlled of all the designers, but they weren’t into the design.


Victoria: oh so awful. The overall look was bad, the flounce was dreadful, and don’t even start about the denim diaper. Thank you Brandon for coining that phrase.

Delvin: the judges hated the colors and thought the silhouette was mumsy and dated.

Geoffrey was the winner, his dress had more drama. Delvin was sent home, though I thought Victoria was the bigger fail.

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