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Ryan on the Runway: PR 20, ep 5

Of course the episode opened with a rehash of the Anna repeat drama from the previous challenge. It was nice of Korto to sort of apologize. Cleared the air. To a degree.

The new challenge was introduced by Christian and Jennie Garth. Here's what guest commentator Waldorf had to say: "Jennie Garth as a guest judge. Could there be a better rep of the 90s? I mean...she was even on NINE OH 210. Nice add. But could they not have brought on Shannon Dougherty, too? And Gabrielle Carteris? Oh wait. Gabrielle may BE 90 now. (ouch!)"

They needed to do a look inspired by the 90s. And it was a team challenge, they were split into two teams. One limitation: no denim.

The team meetings were interesting to watch, the trip to Mood was its usual thing. The teams are:

Red Team: Kara Saun, Anna, Fabio, Brittany, and Kayne. And Blue Team: Laurence, Bishme, Korto, Prajjé, and token honky Rami. My favorite bit from Christian's walk through:

PRAJJE: It's supposed to be like sweatpants.

CHRISTIAN: But are they the coolest sweatpants you've ever seen?

As long as we're talking about Christian, guest commentator Statler had this to say about the role of the mentor: "I wish Brendan Maxwell was the mentor for the designers. He could bring the right amount of bitchiness and mentoring." What do YOU think? We all agree that no one could surpass the immortal Tim Gunn.

Laurence got teary talking about her life in the 90s: she got pregnant at 16, which was a disaster in her family. But she also went to fashion school in the 90s. The models came in, they had fittings, and some troublesome group overviews. I was very curious about how this would all pan out.

Pizza party at Hotel Indigo! Polaroids, enormous cell phones, and a bit of trash talk. The yoozh.

The runway show was at MoMA PS 21, in the hallways with the lockers and all that bizniss. Did you notice the slightly blurry, Vaseline on the camera lens effect for Nina? I guess the high school hallway lighting situation was not flattering for her.


Bishme: love that look, totally fly.

Rami: very inventive, I like all the different pieces.

Prajjé: very cute, very happening.

Laurence: so full of attitude, unusual but not wacko.

Korto: not convinced, too voluminous, not flattering.

Statler said this about Korto: "Korto - what were you thinking? I could not find anything positive in that look. NOTHING! That skirt?!? I swear that material started as a table cloth on Mama’s Family."


Anna: the top had nothing to do with the pants, but the pants were cool. Crazy crotch with the pants, though.

Brittany: three words - - What The Hell. She said it wasn't horrendous, but I beg to differ!

Kayne: the corset was gorgeous but the thing hanging of the back was not happening. The skirt was clearly an afterthought.

Fabio: the most current look in the group, super cute, super fresh.

Kara Saun: the strongest look in the group, total wow, total impact.

Back at the studio for the judging. Waldorf had some choice words about space buns. The hairstyle.

"What is with the space buns? Brittany has had them a couple times and Elaine had them this week and maybe for a 2nd time this season. I don't get it. I don't like it. Are they trying to recapture their HS years? Elaine, especially, just seems far to classy for that."

Nina said that the show was a lot of fun. The winning team was the Blue Team. She gave a special shout-out to Kara Saun for giving a great design - - she couldn't be in the top because she was on the (womp womp) losing team. Waldorf on Kara Saun: "Kara Saun's puffer vest. I. Want. It. And I never say that about items on PR."

Statler said this: "Red Team and all of the Plaid - I get it that they were trying to be cohesive, but it was like Parochial school girls gone rogue. I was waiting for Mary Katherine Gallagher to run out, do a split, and yell 'Superstar.' "

Waldorf: "Nina's face when seeing Brittany's and Kayne's designs.....both screamed 'That's something all right....' Don't play poker, Nina."

One last snark from Statler: "Brittany - Alicia Silverstone called, she thinks you need a bra."


Bishme's look was divine. Elaine described his look as "flawless." Bishme said that even though he was gay, his favorite part on a woman's body is her collarbone. Brendan cracked me up when he said, "I didn't know you were gay. Me too!"

Brendan said that Prajjé's look solidified the cohesion of the collection. Nina loved the jacket, Jennie loved the top under the jacket. Jennie said the white was "fresh."

Brendan was amazed that Laurence could do all of that in such a short amount of time. Nina said it could be on the runway, in an editorial, very today. There is no higher praise from Miss Garcia. Statler said this: "I loved Laurence’s design. She nailed the look and truly brought me back to the 90’s. I was ready to pop in an AOL disc and try to meet some guys in the M4M Room."


Brendan asked Kayne what he thought put him on the bottom. Kayne gave a smoke and mirrors answer, said that other team was better. But um, he's asking about you, not about the team. Thank you, Jennie, for calling out the thing hanging off the back. Kayne tried to distract the judges again by saying that he was a 315-pound kid in the 90s and not one of the cool kids - - Brendan said he was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, trying to make a good girl be bad. Recipe for disaster.

Elaine asked Brittany why the Blue Team was able to afford real leather and she was using pleather. She didn't really have an answer and the pleather was the biggest problem. Brendan said the bad construction "hurt his soul." Yikes!

Nina thought Fabio's look was safe. Jennie was crazy about the vest/backpack. He felt like it was his strongest look of the season but understood the critique. He's smart, that guy. He knows how to defend himself without being defensive.

Laurence was the winner. Amazing outfit. The auf went to Kayne, deservedly so. Hot mess. His exit was a little awkward and linger-y. But he made me smile by saying, "Going out with grace is the way to go, that's how Dolly would do it."

I'll close with my inevitable video clip!

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