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Ryan on the Runway: PR 20, ep 12

This season has been fun, am I right? It was made exponentially more fun by my collaborators Statler and Waldorf! Thanks so much, bitches!

The episode started with the designers getting in a van and going to Summit, a new skycraper near Grand Central Terminal. I kinda wanna go there now! Brittany said, "You can see the whole city!" Um, no - - you're mostly just seeing Manhattan. The "whole city" would be all five boroughs. If you could see the whole city you'd be able to see Whitestone, Queens, 11 miles away. And I don't care how clean those windows are or how clear a day it is, you can NOT see forever.

Waldorf was impressed with Summit, even though he’s afraid of heights. He suggested that he, Statler, and I get together there the next time Statler is in these parts. I will definitely post photos!

The challenge was to do an avant garde outfit inspired by the architecture that surrounded them. Here’s what Statler said: “I can't believe they saved the avant garde challenge until the end. I barely understand fashion so I sure as hell don't understand avant garde. It's all so....avant garde. One of the designers referenced early in the episode the fact that it is VERY subjective when it comes to this category. I think the construction of each design will play into the final judging as the overall impression can vary widely from judge to judge in this challenge.”

They went to Mood where of course they were met with skepticism by Christian. Things in the workroom were perplexing but hey they were just getting started. They all seemed to know what they were doing. The day ended and they went to the night lounge where they, of course, drank.

Bishme's dress looked very promising. Brittany was doing an allegedly avant garde puffer. Is the title of the show Project Puffer? We have seen so many damn puffers this season. I've had enough-er! See what I did there?

Christian was concerned that Rami's outfit would have too many ideas. He didn't have much to say about Laurence. The models came in and Bishme's dress was amazing. The others were not as impressive but again they were still in development.

The four designers had a tender moment the next morning. They really are sweet, genuine people and it's touching how much they care about and support each other. Not like in previous seasons! Yes, Wendy in season 1, I'm talking about you.

They had two guest judges: Steven Kolb, CEO of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. One of the prizes is a mentorship from the CFDA so Kolb has a lot of clout. And Law Roach, stylist to the stars.


I was crazy for that dress. Brandon said it was Iris van Herpen, a fabulous Dutch avant garde designer. The judges also mentioned Thierry Mugler. Law Roach was "obsessed" with the hat. He said, apart from the hat, it wasn't new and fresh. Nina loved the color choice, that dark purple was "extremely editorial." Kolb liked the zippered shell over on the shoes and felt like it was a red carpet look. Brandon felt the outfit was saved by the hat - - the hat kept it from being too referential.


Underwhelming. About 8% more avant garde than your standard issue red carpet dress. Nina thought some of the details were not up to his usual flawless standard. Kolb described it as a "tall, strong look." That was a nice compliment. Elaine thought the fabric choice was a problem, it showed a lot of puckers and wrinkles in the seams. Brandon applauded him for pushing himself, something they've been after all season.

Waldorf said this: “I was not feeling his fabric choice when he was at Mood, and I was even more worried as he created the look. Though not a great week for him, he was still more creative and took more risks than Brittany. I thought the judges may move him forward. I would love to see an After Show of all of the judges comments and thoughts, and what brought them to their decisions.”


Very strong look. She was disappointed that the iridescence of the fabric didn't read on the runway. Law said it would work on an album cover. He said it was street wear and "not avant garde at all." Elaine thought it was flattering on her model and liked that she took what she did (activewear) and channeled that into an avant garde look.

Waldorf: “Have we not seen that oversized look before? (Admittedly, there were times when I lived in Minneapolis that I wish I had those sleeves.) She has mirrored, copied, and regurgitated looks so many times this season, it is disappointing. Nina called alluded to it AGAIN. But why allude when there are words like theft, plagiarism, poaching, and appropriation? I am sure she is a nice person, especially if you are a male model and your husband is not around because he is home supporting you, and holding down the fort!”


Fabulous. And can we talk about Mimi? So talented, she really delivered the look, she made it not just a dress but an experience. Laurence told the judges that she wasn't sure she'd be able to do it. Elaine said she had never seen Laurence smile so much on the runway, that was sweet. The judges asked to see it without the "jacket" and they liked the dress very much without the jacket.

The judges definitely wanted Bishme and Laurence to move forward. They were conflicted about Rami vs Brittany. Rami had the lesser look this week but Nina was concerned that Brittany had been too referential in a few challenges, she wanted to reward originality.

Bishme was the winner of the challenge and of course he was advanced to the finale. Laurence was also advanced to the finale. Brittany was advanced and Rami was sent home. Rami got teary in his final comments, that made ME teary.

Waldorf said this about Rami’s auf: “I loved that Nina stated that Rami had an original design compared to Brittany. I was sad realizing that he could be sent to the work room but had a sliver of hope with Nina’s comment. I love Rami more and more as person each week. He is gracious, professional, and a genuinely kind human being. No snark tonight, just admiration and a slight man crush.” Statler and I both hope that Rami will now have more time to devote to Waldorf…”

Statler had these concluding thoughts: “Alas, when all was said and done, I was not surprised or disappointed in the outcome. I did wonder, though, what would have happened if this show took a page from Making the Cut (the Amazon Prime show with Tim and Heidi that hasn't been around for a few years) and gave each designer some seamstresses. Would Rami's dress have not had some of the flaws? Would some of the other earlier challenges had different outcomes if the judging were entirely on design and not sewing ability? Hmmm.... And when will Making the Cut make a return. #BringBackTim

Next week is the finale! And the guest judges are Zac Posen and Miss Billy Porter! Wowie wow! Statler is excited to see Christian in the home visits. Waldorf has been bold enough to choose Laurence for the win. We shall see…

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