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Ryan on the Runway: PR 19, ep6

Oh yes, an avant garde challenge using faux fur. Right from the start I could see things going very well and going very wrong! This is what we want from this show. And adding to the drama, the designers were paired up in teams of two. Kristina had won the previous challenge so she got to choose her teammate and she chose Shantall. Thank you, Button Bag. So much more humanity, having it be random rather than using the middle school basketball team humiliation, where someone is always the last to be chosen.

They went to Mood, the usual frenzy at Mood. Then would you believe they got in an accident in their van on the way to the workroom? Anna was covered in broken glass and bleeding at the nose, poor thing. Richard thought maybe she’d get a date with one of the EMS guys - - he’s so gifted at turning disaster into opportunity. Anna was sent to the hospital, checked out, and sent back to the apartment. The other designers were given the rest of the day off, the producers thought they might have been shaken. I assume the challenge was delayed one day, rather than having them lose a day…?

Kristina and Shantall: Christian thought their hot pink quilted dress looked like female genitalia. I thought it looked like a bedspread. Either way…

Coral and Zayden: they were inspired by their experience as minorities to put their model in a cage. The cagey head piece was super cool, the jacket was gorgeous but the skirt was a mess for a while. They figured it out and the final look was marvo.

Bones and Aaron: you know how they start the new episode with little clips from the previous episode? It seemed meaningful that they showed Aaron and Bones having a hair pull in the previous episode. Of course the Button Bag put them together. We all know how "random" the Button Bag is. Bones was concerned that the judges would think it was less avant garde and more “avant garbage.” Ha! And oh dear they had such an epic fight out on the patio. Awful, and so uncomfortable for the other designers. They patched things up in the workroom the next morning but I was curious to see how it would pan out on the runway. It would all depend on whether or not the damn collar would stand up.

Prajjé and Chasity: wow, their look was super sharp and unusual. The painted fabric in the skirt was fantastic and the way they worked the pink faux fur into it was super cool. And wow, their model totally delivered it on the runway.

Anna and Octavio: they went through a few goofy ideas with their cheetah print. They didn’t quite seem to know what they were doing and/or what they wanted to do, they went through many different permutations. The final result was sloppy and weird. Richard said, “I don’t think it’s crap.”

Brandon was at his brother’s wedding so they brought in designer Esteban Cortázar to take his place. And the other guest judge: Miss Billy Porter! Oh yes!


Zayden and Coral’s look had so much attitude. Billy said it was free yet structured. Elaine said it was the most wearable look they had seen, and that she could see evidence of each of the two designers in the look.

Aaron and Bones were in the top, they were greatly relieved. Nina felt like it was more of a costume, Esteban thought the necklace was one element too many.

Prajjé and Chasity’s look was such a wow. Esteban said it was couture, which is such high praise. Billy was concerned that she wasn’t able to walk but the model showed that she COULD walk, she just chose to walk slowly on the runway.


The judges didn’t like Kristina and Shantall’s look. I liked it a lot, it was totally giving me a Verushska vibe, never a bad thing. Nina said it was clunky. Esteban thought the dress was too heavy, it should have been lighter to counteract the heaviness of the coat. And someone said a catsuit under the coat would have been ideal. Oh yes.

Anna and Octavio’s look was just a mess. Billy said, “There’s so much that I like about it and there’s so much that I’m confused about. I can see a lot of ideas. That’s what’s hard for me.” Esteban said she looked like a villain on The Flintstones! Which was not the challenge.

Prajjé and Chasity were the winners. Esteban made the point that it was a bigger challenge to make an elegant gown out of faux fur, it’s easier to do a coat. That, I think, gave them the edge. Chasity was given the win.

Shantall was sent home. I was surprised by that, I really thought the whole look was pretty cool, and furthermore, Anna and Octavio’s look was a bigger failure. Hm.

But what do you know? Christian used his Siriano Save on her. I was very happy about that.

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