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Ryan on the Runway: PR 18, finale ultimo

How do you like my use of the term "finale ultimo?" Pretty cool, huh?

I was so disappointed that they didn’t eliminate even just ONE designer. Come on people, do the words, “One day you’re in and the next day you’re out” really have no meaning?

The next day started with a visit to the CFDA with Christian. The designers had one-on-one consultations with two women from the CFDA, looking through photos of the pieces in their finale collections, mostly talking about branding and identity. The odd thing was that they had these one-on-one consultations with the other three designers in the room.

They went back to Mood and were given $400 and 45 minutes plus seamstresses to help them in the workroom, and Karla Welch giving them expert advice on styling. This is not the way it used to be! They used to make their finale collections and show them, none of this business of critique from the judges and reworking by the designers.

Christian announced that the guest judge would be Serena Williams and the designers all lost their sh-t. Geoffrey had a meltdown in their last hour and a half in the workroom - - is he too fragile to make it in this business?

On to the runway!


I thought she was wrong to lead with such an ordinary look. The coat dress was fantastic, and the final look, the slouchy dress, was stunning. Interesting that the two strongest looks (in my estimation) were the most understated. The whole collection was definitely cohesive (but the judges didn't use that word in any of their critiques, interesting).


I love that she led with the model in the wheelchair. The second look, the jumpsuit, was stunning. The rubber dress was beautiful, but why did she show it with the cowl? The judges told her it was so much better without. The model with the Swarovski prosthetic came out on the runway and got applause - - that doesn’t happen every day, applause in the middle of a show. Wow, her collection was so vibrant and exultant.


His collection seemed very flat and underpowered, not just the colors but the design itself. The full-skirted cocktail dress was fantastic. But oh dear Lord, enough with the fringe already.


Yes for the redo on the opening look, pairing the big puffer coat with the little dress. His clothes have a lot of attitude. The two open-front dresses looked too similar to me. It was great to see men on the runway.

Am I wrong thinking that Sergio getting down on one knee and proposing to his partner was a made-for-TV moment?

Interesting that they announced the winner the previous designers and friends and family there in the room. Also interesting that they only announced the winner, they didn't do their standard Miss America thing and announce the losers first.

Wow, Geoffrey was the winner! I was surprised by that, I thought it was going to be Nancy (I was hoping it would be Nancy). But oh yes, I was a weepy mess when he called his father to tell him he had won.

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