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Ryan on the Runway: Making the Cut, eps 7 & 8


The challenge: make two looks for a digital marketing photo shoot, up to three photos in the campaign. Once again one of their looks had to be accessible. Has that been the case with every challenge?

Heidi and Tim’s excursion had them at a virtual reality joint, fighting each other. Tim beat Heidi, and was she acting at being cranky, or was she really cranky? We may never know.

Jonny had a teary video call with this husband and family, they were in LA opening up a new store for his fashion line. It’s always useful, as an audience member, to be reminded of what the designers are sacrificing by being on the show.

The runway show:

Esther: her looks were strong but not really memorable.

Sander: I loved the models switching jackets on the runway, what was so special.

Jonny: that black and white floral was greatly helped by the coffee. I thought the man’s outfit was odd.

Ji Won: the first outfit was not flattering. The dress was good, but what did it have to do with the other look?

Megan: the pantsuit was sharp, and the gown with the leather pants, that was something else. Naomi was instantly seeing elements of that gown with jeans, or with boots or sneakers. It’s always a good sign when the imagination of a judge is being engaged.

Ji Won was sent home. Jeez, the girl is only 26! She’s got a lot to learn, but she’ll potentially have a long career ahead of her.

The winner came down to Jonny and Megan. The judges liked Megan’s clothes but not her campaign, and they liked Jonny’s campaign but not so much his clothes. They asked Jonny and Megan to hash it out and it was fun watching them defend themselves and maybe not throw the other under the bus, but definitely give them a nudge in that direction. Jonny was chosen as the winner because the campaign was so much stronger.


Heidi really did look stunning in that high style kimono. Heidi and Tim met the four designers for a tea ceremony. Interesting that they used the term “assignment” rather than “challenge” - - has that been the case throughout the series?

The “assignment:” they need to make two to four looks that represented their evolution through the competition, one of which had to be accessible. Each designer will be given two seamstresses, who will be in the workroom with them. All four designers decided to do three looks.

Richard, when they were in the fabric store, that they never discussed a budget for fabric. Or did we miss that?

Heidi and Tim went to a sake bar and got wasted.

Jonny had two female models and one male model booked, and one of the female models (the one he was most excited about) canceled. He realized that he had another male model as a backup, so he decided to put the dress on HIM.

Megan had a mini meltdown during her check-in with Tim. She’s the only one of the four who had never won an “assignment,” so that set her apart, and maybe not in a good way. Tim gave her a boost of confidence.

Esther: the judges loved the black and white, loved the sharpness of her design, and were tickled by the TOP THREE T-shirt.

Sander: they weren’t sold on the first, neon green look. The second gown, with the open back, was stunning. The final look was also stunning Loved the hot pink circle in the makeup.

Megan: the first look was lovely but not so powerful. The second look, to quote Heidi, was “messy.” The final dress was, like the first look, pretty but not so impactful.

Jonny: the first look was off in terms of fit. The second look was fabulous, The final dress was just fine, but the judges weren’t wild for the bag strapped across the torso. They were a little disappointed by Jonny in general.

Esther was the winner and Sander was also moved on to the final three. The judges spoke with Jonny and Megan to figure out who was going to get cut. Naomi believed in Megan but the other three weren’t convinced. They felt that Jonny’s stuff was lacking in novelty - - Heidi said she had bought the jacket in the middle look two years ago. His defense was very eloquent.

The judges asked to have time to talk without the designers present. Megan was sent home. I felt bad for her, but it was clear from the fashion show.

The finale: they’ll make a twelve-to fifteen look collection and design a pop-up shop. The final two would be chosen by the success of the pop-up shop. Hm, very interesting!

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