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Ryan on the Runway: M the C season 3, ep 7

This was the second-to-last episode, the ramp up to the finale. I had a strong feeling that Georgia was not going to be the winner. But what do I know?

Their final challenge: make a store to display a minimum four-look collection. All of them should be accessible. They also needed to create a ten-look collection for a runway show. They were given four weeks to create both. The judges would look at the stores and choose one or more designer to go home.

My impressions of the four designers:

You know how I feel about Georgia. Her work generally hasn't impressed me and she doesn't have a compelling personality. But her work in the previous challenge was extraordinary so I thought it would be foolish to count her out.

Rafael is so cute and I usually love his stuff. He's got the whole spiel. And the story line with his mother having cancer is, of course, very intense.

Jeanette is so hopeful, determined, and emotional, my heart totally goes out to her. And her work is often marvelous.

Yannik is a tough nut to crack. He's the most out there of the four in terms of design, that could either work in his favor or not.

They had their four weeks and then we were back in the workroom. Tim came in and said that he was "breaking the rules" a little bit. He was giving them the option of including up to three pieces from their runway collections in the store, in addition to the four accessible looks they were required to display. Yannik was the only designer who decided to withhold his runway pieces - - he thought that if the judges wanted to see them, they'd have to advance him to the runway show. Heidi called this "ballsy," and she was right!

Tim did a walk-through and critique of the stores. He was most hard on Georgia - - he thought it was beautiful but too austere for her brand. She was thrown by that, she loved the space and believed in it, and she was reduced to tears. Oh dear, so hard to see. Tim encouraged her to own it and make it work.

Guest judge: Christine Beauchamp, president of Amazon Fashion. The stores were distinctive and so different from each other. The judges had good things to say about all four. The judges had a discussion - - they put Yannik and Rafael on the top and Georgia and Jeanette on the bottom.

Yannik was chosen as the winner. The judges clearly had a hard time sending someone home. Heidi chose Jeanette to stay and Nicole chose Georgia, so it came down to Jeremy. He said he knew them both so well that he wanted to base his decision on this one challenge and the strength of the store. He chose Georgia to stay, which means Jeanette was sent home. Tim got choked up when he said goodbye to her.

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