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Ryan on the Runway: M the C, season 3 ep 5

Oh goody, this is the episode where Jeremy has a big temper tantrum! The bread and buttah of every competiton series. Remember the ironing board throwdown on *Project Runway* a few years ago? So childish, so hilarious.

The challenge: create a two-look festival wear collection. As usual, one high end and the other accessible. I predicted that some of the looks woud skew toward Costume. That's always a danger with this kind of wacko conceptual vibe. Turns out the designers didn't go in that direction.

The designers went to the Museum of Dream Space, aka MoDS. Super groovy place. Is there anyplace like that in New York?

They got a surprise visit from the winners from season 1 and season 2. Jonny Cota (season 1 winner) made what I saw as the most interesting comment: he said that every designer in the competition has the opportunity to catapult their brand to a new level. It was nice to hear that you don't have to be the winner to be a success. They should talk with Jennifer Hudson about that - - remember she placed SEVENTH in her season of *American Idol.* And now she's a freaking EGOT! So there.

 The runway show was in the desert - - Vasquez Rocks, a Hollywood filming location since 1905. Oh my dear, Tim divulged that he had been at WOODSTOCK. Wearing a navy blazer, grey flannel pants, and penny loafers. He a MESS.

Hm, interesting, no guest judge?


I liked the high end look, it was unexpected and striking. The accessible look had no impact.


The high end look was fabulous, major drama. The accessible look was dull dull dull. Heidi said it looked like she made it in ten minutes.


That high end hair and makeup was creepilicious. Heidi nailed it - - the accessible look was not accessible. Also not terribly interesting.


The high end look was underpowered, ditto the accessible look. The judges called both looks "pretty," which was a bit of a slam in the context of a festival wear challenge. They don't want to see Pretty, they want to see Stupendous.


I loved the high end look, the fabric was stunning and it was handled expertly. Jeremy said the accessible look had no connection to the high end look. He also said it was "slapdash."


The high end look was sloppy - - too many layers. The accessible look was kinda cool, but as NeNe Leakes used to say on *Fashion Police,* "I'd be wearing that to the Whole Foods." Worst of all, Jeremy said the second look had "poopy pants."


The high end look was unflattering and dull. Nicole described the second look perfectly: "It looks like a wedding. Or a christening."

Heidi started the discussion for the judging. Her tone was one of disappointment. Ouch.

They spoke with Jeanette first. They said that her first look was probably the best in the show but the second look was awful. She defended herself in an honest and tactful way, saying that she needs to learn time management and she has so much to say and such a passion for her work. Heidi said she was the winner - - and she literally didn't understand what Heidi had said! I think she thought was being sent home! And wow, for the first time they sold the high end look on Amazon (since her accessible look was so dreadful).

Jeremy described Rafael's accessible look as "shameful" and "impossible." He made the cut because his first look was so strong.

Jeremy described Sienna's accessible look as "conservative" and "boring." I hadn't noticed that the pants weren't closed in the back. She was sent home.

The judges liked the drama of Yannik's runway look but his accessible look totally set Jeremy off. He threw his book on the floor, totally Temper Tantrum 101. He was so angered by the missed opportunity, from all of the designers. They should do better.

Curtis was also sent home. It felt like the judges expected more of him because they had saved him in a previous episode. Is that fair? He's so cute - - he left by saying, "So long. Farewell. Auf wiedersehen. Good night."

The episode ended with a clip of the judges doing final comments back in the desert. Nicole had the last word: "Everything was a chubby and not a full boner."

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