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Ryan on the Runway: M the C, season 3 ep 3

I felt like we still had a lot to learn about our designers. It was only the third episode so I guess that’s to be expected. The challenge: a two-look winter wear duo, one high end, one accessible. The twist: they only had one day! Yikes.

My favorite moment: Yannik looked at Georgia’s sketch and said, “What ARE you doing.” It was the Teutonic intonation that tickled me. Also that there was no audible question mark at the end.

Do you adore Tim Gunn? I do. I love that in his discussion with Jeanette he said that her fabric had “visual command.” Such a way with words.

The day of the runway show, of course the designers were coo coo nutty thing to get things done. And poor Rafael stabbed himself in the finger with the needle on his sewing machine. He was anxious to finish his work but the production crew told him he needed to go tot he hospital.

The guest judge was celebrity stylist Jason Bolden. I thought having Heidi, Jeremy, and Nicole in matching bright-colored outfits was a little cutesie poo. A little twee. Oh wow, they were Jeremy’s designs for Moschino. Hm.


Runway look: that cape was gorgeous. Accessible look: sharp, chic.


What a relief that his looks were done, that turned out well. Nicole said that Rafael “always brings a hint of Disney villain.” Ha! His stuff was cool and cozy.


Bolden thought the cloak should have been longer. The judges described the accessible look as “not urgent.”


Nicole described her as “middle of the road.” They didn’t like the hot pink.


They loved the jacquard on the runway look. I liked the wearable look but the judges were a little puzzled.


The judges thought both looks were lovely but I didn’t see them as winter outerwear. Too much skin exposed. A bare midriff, really? You can take the boy out of Wisconsin but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the boy…


The gold gown was very reminiscent of her first challenge.  I thought the accessible look was cool.


The runway look: was there a human being in there? Bolden thought it was also wearable. I liked the design of the jacket on the wearable look and thought the wacko hair and makeup detracted from it. But Heidi liked it so what do I know.

Gabriella was sent home. She seemed surprised. Curtis was also on the bottom and he passionately talked about how he knows he can do better - - but come on, you’re on the show, you should be doing great work on every challenge. He squeaked by and was saved.

Georgia always looks like she’s on the brink of tears. She was called out for repeating the gold lamé dress but they liked the accessible look. She was safe.

Yannik, like Georgia, was in front of the judges for the first time this week. Oh, how sweet - - Heidi said, “I can tell that you’re shaking like a little lamb right now.” Nice to know that a tough guy can be nervous. The judges loved his stuff.

The judges were crazy for Jeanette’s work and congratulated her for doing a great job after being such a disappointment the week before. She was the winner. I looked up the winning look on Amazon and was pleasantly surprised to see it’s retailing for $149. Cheaper than I expected.

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