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*Myths and Hymns: Faith,* May 25, 2021

I watched the final chapter of Adam Guettel's musical project *Myths and Hymns* on May 28, 2021 (it was dropped online on May 25). The final chapter was called "Faith."

The first movement was called “The Great Highway” and was an abstract, moody piece for three wordless voices, singing “Ah” and similar. The three singers were Kelli O’Hara, Anthony Roth Costanzo (who also directed), and Nicholas Phan. A wonderful way to start things.

“There’s a Land” was more optimistic and upbeat, featuring singers Theresa McCarthy, Miles Mykkanen, Emma Lou DeLaney, Milan Magaña, Justine Rafael, and Katja Stoer. There were dancers in this song too: Emma Lou Delaney, Milan Magaña, Justine Rafael, and Katja Stoer. The choreographer, Andrew Palermo, also directed the segment. Miles Mykkanen really impressed me in this, he has a stellar voice.

The next song, “There’s a Shout,” was preceded by a title card that said, “The artwork used in this song was created by refugee children and families living in camps around the world, through the cultivated guidance of Artolution teaching artists.” I was intrigued that Jennifer Holliday was one of the soloists in this song. She sounded fantastic and looks great. The artwork was wonderful and it was cool how director Ted Sperling placed Holliday in the midst of it. She was joined in this song by The Gospel Soul Children of New York. The song was tremendous and was clearly written to the strengths of Holliday and the gospel choir.

“Awaiting You” was sung by Mykal Kilgore, who sounded to me like he was a descendent of Luther Vandross and Al Jarreau, but still doing his own thing. I have to check him out, he was very special. This song had some tasty, unexpected harmonies and was directed in a welcoming, low-key manner by Ted Sperling.

“Saturn Returns: the Return” was sung by Larry Owens. Honestly, I wasn’t won over by the song or the performance (or the film, directed by Sam Cullman).

The final song, “Light After Darkness” (naturally directed by Artistic Director Ted Sperling), appeared to feature nearly every darn performer who had appeared in any of the four chapters: Dianne Drayse Alonso, Anderson & Roe, Shoshana Bean, Nina Bernstein, John Brancy, Julia Bullock, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Drew Gehling, Annie Golden, The Gospel Soul Children of New York, Jennifer Holliday, Cheyenne Jackson, Capathia Jenkins, Mykal Kilgore, Norm Lewis, John Lithgow, Jose Llana, Theresa McCarthy, Michael McElroy, Miles Mykkanen, Kelli O’Hara, Larry Owens, Shereen Pimentel, Nicholas Phan, Elizabeth Stanley, Take 6, Lori Wilner, and of course those MasterVoices. It had a cool groove and was fun to see all those wonderful musicians again. It had a fantastic, celebratory vibe. I got a little teary when Take 6 came on the screen, I didn’t know that I was so into them.

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