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Fabulous Friday: Streisand, *Funny Girl*

*Funny Girl* is a musical based (dimly, one assumes) on the life of Fanny Brice. One thinks only of Streisand as Brice, but the producers went to Mary Martin, Anne Bancroft, Eydie Gormé, and Carol Burnett before getting to Streisand.

Here she is singing "People" on a TV special. Enough with the swishing chiffon already! And where the hell is the conductor?

She was a smash in *Funny Girl* on Broadway, though Carol Channing won the Tony that year for *Hello, Dolly!* Streisand may have thought she had revenge when she herself did the movie of *Dolly!* but it was such a resounding flop I'm sure Channing was pleased. Anyway, here are Streisand's first words uttered in a movie (one of the greatest entrances in the history of the movies):

And the best scene in the movie, "Don't Rain On My Parade." The costumes are a nod to the period but jeez, those colors are SO 60s. Please.

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