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Fabulous Friday: Joe Jackson and Badfinger

Lately I've been linking my Fabulous Fridays to the Diva/Mensch theme for the week but I'm straying from that this week. Last weekend Richard, my best friend Karen, and I went upstate to visit Karen's partner Bruce. Bruce was playing a 70s station on Spotify and Joe Jackson's "Is She Really Going Out With Him" came on. I said that I really liked a different Joe Jackson song but didn't know what it was called. I started singing it and Bruce said, "That's not a Joe Jackson song."

We went online, did a little research, and identified it as "Day After Day" by Badfinger. Check out the hair on these dudes.

With a little more digging, both in our brains and online, we found the Joe Jackson song - - "Breaking Us In Two." The opening phrase is nearly identical to the Badfinger song. Hm.

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