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Fabulous Friday: *Hello Dolly!* and *On a Clear Day*

Today I'm featuring two Streisand movies from 1969 and 1970, *Hello Dolly!* and *On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.* *On a Clear Day* isn't very good, but Streisand does her thing effectively, the songs are charming, and Yves Montand is magical in the male lead. *Hello Dolly!* is a colossal failure. It had an adequate performance at the box office, though its investors lost a total of $10 million. Still, it didn't quite nearly bring down the studio, as Carol Channing had said. There are many problems with movie, but the biggest problem is that Streisand is too young! Dolly is supposed to be a bit past her prime, and Streisand was only 28.

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1 Comment

May 15, 2020

The Streisand piece was terrific retro Streisand. The MnM was magical. THANX

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