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Fabulous Friday: "From Russia With Love"

I like to do a long-term movie project every year. A few years ago it was all of the Alfred Hitchcock talkies, that was amazing. This year I decided that Richard and I were going to watch all of the James Bond movies, in order from the beginning. We just finished it last week and what an adventure, such a fascinating view of our culture over the course of 60 years.

The opening credits are often one of the biggest treats of the Bond series and my favorite by far was very early on - - the second movie, *From Russia With Love.* The formula for opening credits was set with the NEXT movie, *Goldfinger.* The title song would be sung during the opening credits with some high tech objectification of nude women, using iconography from the film. *From Russia With Love* has the theme song sung during the closing credits and a delicious, jazzy instrumental arrangement of the song played during the opening credits. The female objectification is decidedly low tech and it cracks me up. The vigorous boob shuffle (#vigorousboobshuffle) at 0:22 is one of the most vulgar and hilarious moments in movie history.

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1 Comment

Aug 25, 2023

That’s not a boob shuffle, that’s the Shimmy Shimmy Shake!! And it’s rivaled but the Ab Flex a few moments after! Did you really watch all the James Bond movies? Wowowowowowowow!

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