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Fabulous Friday: ALW Love Trio

I saw this on a PBS special years ago and while I didn't love all three of the songs I loved the women who were singing them and was impressed with the way the songs were woven together.

Audra McDonald sings "Love Changes Everything" from *Aspects of Love.* Richard told me about a review he read of *Aspects of Love.* I'm paraphrasing. " ' Love Changes Everything' was sung at 8:12pm. It was sung again at 8:34pm and 8:55pm and 9:17pm. I wish the C train came that frequently."

Marin Mazzie sings "Unexpected Song" from *Song and Dance.* Mazzie gave wonderful performances in a number of Broadway and off Broadway shows and sadly died of cancer in 2018 at the age of 57.

And Judy Kuhn was the one member of the trio I hadn't heard of when the show was aired. What a gorgeous voice. I've seen her onstage just once, as the mother in *Fun Home.* She was amazing in that.

It tickles me how, in the last chord, Audra drops out for a split second, takes a breath, and comes back in, hoping no one will have noticed. Hey, a girl's gotta breathe.

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