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Fabulous Friday: A Hepburn, *B a T's*

I'm closing my tribute to Miss Hepburn with my favorite scene in my favorite of her movies. Richard and I had the pleasure of seeing a screening of *Breakfast at Tiffany's* at the New York Philharmonic a few years ago, with the Phil playing the score live. Here's how I wrote about this scene in my review:

My favorite moment of the performance was early in the movie: George Peppard is in Hepburn's apartment, he's just moving into the building and has asked to use her phone. She's talking about having the "mean old reds" and she goes over to the record player. She flips a switch, the record drops down onto the turntable - - and the New York Philharmonic is playing the music, right there, on the stage! Indescribable magic! I mentioned this to Richard at the intermission, and he said, "Didn't you have a turntable like that when you were a kid?" I said, "Not that played the New York Philharmonic live in the room, no!"

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