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Diva/Mensch pair for June 8, 2022

The third EGOT winner is Rita Moreno, who's the oldest surviving EGOT winner. I'm going to focus on her two appearances in *West Side Story.* She was searing and thrilling in the 1961 original. She got the Oscar for that movie and her strongest scene is the scene in the candy store but my favorite scene is the dance at the gym. Mambo! I love that Robbins often gave them choreography that was slow and still, to counteract the intensity of the music.

And for the Mensch, I'm showing a clip from the 2021 *West Side Story.* She was the emotional core of that movie, she destroyed me. She appeared on *The Tonight Show* the day after the premiere and showed a clip, my favorite scene in the movie, so understated, so hilarious. The clip happens at 5:50.

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