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Diva/Mensch pair for Jan 11, 2023

The 1953 Oscar for Best Costume Design went to Edith Head for *Sabrina,* one of her eight Oscars. But there was a bit of scandal attached to this award. I'll quote from the Wikipedia page for the movie:

"Although Edith Head won an Oscar for Best Costumes, most of Hepburn's outfits are rumored to have been created by Hubert de Givenchy and chosen personally by the star. In a 1974 interview, Head stated that she was responsible for creating the dresses, with inspiration from some Givenchy designs that Hepburn liked, but that she made important changes, and the dresses were not by Givenchy. After Head's death, Givenchy stated that Sabrina's iconic black cocktail dress was produced at Paramount under Head's supervision but claimed it was his design."

Givenchy didn't raise any trouble at the time. I imagine the story was going around town and he knew it would reflect well on him to let Head do her thing, have people know that the designs were his, and hire him directly the next time. His American reputation was made!

Diva: Head

Mensch: Givenchy

Oh this gown!

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