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Diva/Mensch pair for Feb 8, 2023

The winner for Best Costume Design in 1957 was Orry-Kelly for *Les Girls.* One of the other nominees was Charles LeMaire for *An Affair to Remember.*

Diva: *Les Girls*

Mensch: *An Affair to Remember*

*Les Girls* is a splashy musical, loaded with sequins and bugle beads, starring the ka-POW Mitzi Gaynor. Also some guy named Gene Kelly. *An Affair to Remember* is a tender romantic drama starring the Mensch for the ages, Deborah Kerr. Also some guy named Cary Grant.

On a side note, remember the costume Oscar scandal from 1953, when Edith Head won the Oscar for *Sabrina* but gave no credit to Hubert de Givenchy? Head and Givenchy shared an Oscar nomination this year, for *Funny Face.* I wonder if they were both relieved not to have won, because it would have meant them standing next to each other onstage...

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