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Diva/Mensch pair for Dec 7, 2022

So sorry this is a day late!

The winner for the Oscar for Best Song in 1948 was "Buttons and Bows" from *Paleface,* sung by Bob Hope to Jane Russell. I'm sure that movie would be cancelled in today's climate, the title alone suggests that. But the song is darling.

It was a hit for one of my favorite singers, the divine Dinah Shore. It was also recorded by someone you might not have heard of, Ronnie Ong. My brother Howard introduced me to Ong - - his recording of "Buttons and Bows" was included in a 2003 compilation called *Steam Kodok: 26 A-Go-Go Ultrararities From the Sixties Singapore and South East-Asia Underground.*

I would suggest listening to the Shore recording first...

Diva: Ronnie Ong

Mensch: Dinah Shore

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