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Diva/Mensch pair for Apr 19, 2023

The 1967 Oscars had a genuine rarity - - a TIE. There were two winners for Best Actress:

Diva: Barbara Streisand, *Funny Girl*

Mensch: Katharine Hepburn, *Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?*

The diva and mensch qualities are pretty clear. Streisand is so marvelously indulgent and Hepburn is so powerful in her silence, as understated as she can be (ahem).

Can we talk about their clothes and general styling? It's supposed to be the twenties in *Funny Girl* and yet Streisand's gown, earrings, hair, and makeup are all resolutely sixties. And Hepburn, what is that getup she has on.

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