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Diva/Mensch pair for Apr 12, 2023

It's 1966 and we're back at Elizabeth Taylor. This is the Oscar she actually EARNED.

Diva: Elizabeth Taylor in *Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?*

Mensch: Lynn Redgrave in *Georgy Girl*

Taylor is full throttle in *WAoVW,* an astonishing, fearless performance, but still with moments of quiet tenderness. If you haven't seen *Georgy Girl,* I urge you to see it. Redgrave is so endearing, so sweet and funny and lost. Stellar performances from the other three members of the cast: James Mason, Alan Bates, and Charlotte Rampling in her breakout role.

*WAoVW* is the first movie directed by the brilliant Mike Nichols. He had made his reputation as a director on the Broadway stage doing Mike Nichols comedies and the like. He proved in *WAoVW* that he was a movie director of great skill and imagination. This scene is a genius bit of moviemaking. He films it in a way that could only happen in a movie.

This trailer for *Georgy Girl* makes it look like a madcap sex farce. It certainly has elements of that but it's so much richer and more touching than the trailer implies.

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