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Diva/Mensch pair - - EEK! Revision!

Oh my dear! I have a spreadsheet that I use to lay out the D/M pairs for the coming weeks. This morning I saw that I had lined up Anne Bancroft as the diva for *The Graduate* and Katharine Hepburn as the mensch for *Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?* And I thought, "As great as Bancroft is, why wouldn't I use Streisand, with that whole tie situation?" So I changed it on the fly.

I went to the spreadsheet after I had sent it out, to update the data. I glanced at next week and saw that I have something about *Funny Girl* next week (no spoilers) and YIKES! The Best Actress tie was the following year, when Hepburn won for *The Lion in Winter.* My sincere apologies, my beloved readers. This is what I get for changing my plans.

Diva: Anne Bancroft in *The Graduate*

Mensch: Katharine Hepburn in *Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?*

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