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Diva / Mensch pair for Sept 21, 2022

We've gotten to the final EGOT on the list! Jennifer Hudson is #17.

Diva: *Dreamgirls*

Mensch: *Baba Yaga*

Richard, my best friend Karen, and I saw the movie of *Dreamgirls* on the day after Christmas in 2006 at the sublime Ziegfeld movie theater. It was a grand old movie palace on West 54th Street - - 1,152 seats, and that night I think 85% of them were filled by gay men of a certain age and the women who love them, all anxious to see the movie of *Dreamgirls.* And I am telling you, when Jennifer Hudson finished her show-stopping number, you have never heard such applause and screaming in a movie theater, it was pande-freaking-monium. It felt like it went on for minutes. It definitely went into the next scene and no one seemed to be bothered.

And who knew that they have an Emmy for Interactive Media? Hudson was a producer for *Baba Yaga.* It looks kinda scary.

Jennifer Hudson (born 1981), a singer, actress, and producer, received her fourth distinct award in 2022.[29] Between 2006 and 2022, Hudson received a total of 5 competitive awards, making her currently the youngest female EGOT winner in history.

Academy Awards:

2006: Best Supporting Actress – Dreamgirls

Daytime Emmy Awards:

2021: Outstanding Interactive Media for a Daytime Program – Baba Yaga

Grammy Awards:

2009: Best R&B Album – Jennifer Hudson

2017: Best Musical Theater Album – The Color Purple

Tony Awards:

2022: Best Musical – A Strange Loop

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