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CDA: Zoe Caldwell, Lynn Cohen, and Kellye Nakahara

Wow, a triple-header of wonderful actors! Zoe Caldwell was an extraordinary Australian actor. You should read her wonderful memoir, *I Will Be Cleopatra,* such a darling book. I first saw her in a telecast of *Medea* on TV, my first experience with her and my first experience with Medea. Double wow.

And you probably know Lynn Cohen from her role as Magda (Miranda's nanny) on *Sex and the City,* but I first encountered her in a small role in *Vanya on 42nd Street,* really and truly one of the greatest movies ever made.

And last but not least, the wonderful Kellye Nakahara. *M*A*S*H* was inescapable when I was in middle school and high school, both as a current show and in reruns. I always loved Nakahara, she was my favorite character on the show.

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