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CDA x 3: Chiba, Close, Hitchcock

I have three CDAs on which to report. First, Sonny Chiba, the Japanese actor I only know from his lovely appearance in *Kill Bill.* I think I need to check out some of his other movies, especially *Street Fighter.* He was 82 and died of COVID.

Next, American artist Chuck Close. Fascinating work, fascinating process. He had some allegations of sexual misconduct raised against him late in his life but his neurologist said they were connected to his dementia. He was 81. Here's an interesting overview of him and his work:

And last but certainly not least, Pat Hitchcock, the daughter of Alfred Hitchcock. She's best known for her appearances in *Strangers On a Train* and *Psycho* but also became a wonderful resource for the film community about her parents' work. She wrote a book about the profound and enormous influence of her mother, Alma Reville Hitchcock, on her father's films. I should read that book! She was 93. Here's her scene in *Psycho,* playing your typical Hollywood supporting character, there to add a little comedy and flavor and to make the leading lady (Janet Leigh) seem more special and look more glamorous in comparison.

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