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CDA: Willie Garson, Jane Powell

Willie Garson died the other day at the age of 57, way too young. He was one of my favorite actors on *Sex and the City.* Here's a dishy interview with him:

Darling little Jane Powell died at the ripe old age of 92. She was a big star in Hollywood musicals for a while. I was lucky enough to have seen her onstage, playing the mother in the Sondheim Musical *Bounce.* She was adorable.

And Richard and I saw her in an Italian restaurant one night, having dinner with TCM host Robert Osborne! They were at Bello, a wonderful place that has since closed. Now that all three of them have died (Powell, Osborne, and Bello) they can get together again in heaven.

We called Richard's mother when we got home that night to tell her we had seen Jane Powell. She said, "All I want to know - - what was she EATING." I said, "She's so tiny, she was having a bowl of steam."

Here she is doing "How Could You Believe Me" in *Royal Wedding,* one of her best movies. She replaced Judy Garland (who had been fired) who had replaced June Allyson (who was pregnant). That's show biz! The end of the number, when they're dancing, is delightful. And her skirt is beyond belief.

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