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CDA: Rafelson, Sorvino, Warner

Director Bob Rafelson died at the age of 89. He directed *The King of Marvin Gardens,* the 1981 remake of *The Postman Always Rings Twice,* and one of the most celebrated movies of the 70s, *Five Easy Pieces.*

My friend Dianna alerted me to the death of Paul Sorvino (83). He had a long and impressive career on stage and screen. Here's a montage of his best scenes in what's probably his best-known movie role, Paulie in *Goodfellas.*

And David Warner died at the age of 80. You might not know his name, but you'll recognize him as the manservant to Rose's fiancé in *Titanic.* He shows up in this clip at 1:00. He was also in *Tron* - - do I need to see that again?

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