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CDA: Kerstin Meyer and Harold Reid

I know what you're thinking. This is a CELEBRITY death alert, and who are these bozos? The first one I'd barely heard of, but the second one you will probably know.

Kerstin Meyer was a Swedish mezzo soprano. I'd heard her name because I'm a Wagner freak, and she sang a lot of Wagner, including three summers (1962 to 1962) playing Brangäne in *Tristan und Isolde* opposite Birgit Nilsson's Isolde. Here she is singing the final duet from Strauss's *Der Rosenkavalier.* She's the woman on the left, in the DIVINE coat dress. I love the way she effortlessly climbs to the G around 5:30. And Anneliese Rothenberger, how cute is she.

Harold Reid was the bass in the Statler Brothers. He's the guy on the far left in this clip, singing their breakout hit, "Flowers on the Wall." My favorite moment in this song is his "KANG-" just before the other three sing "Kangaroo." It happens at 0:38 in the video. Booming, yet nonchalant.

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