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CDA: Ken Osmond and Larry Kramer

Two CDAs today, one from last week, one from yesterday. And what a strange pair they make.

A celebrity whose name you might not know: Ken Osmond played Eddie Haskell on *Leave It To Beaver.* The term "Eddie Haskell" came to mean someone who was smarmy and fake. My mom used it to describe one of my brother's friends: "I can't stand him, he's such an Eddie Haskell."

This compilation is a little jumpy and odd, but it captures a few choice moments of Haskellery:

And Larry Kramer, revered elder of the gay community, Oscar nominee, playwright, novelist, and essential activist of the AIDS crisis, co-founder of Gay Men's Health Crisis and ACT UP. Here he is, angry and articulate, on the Donohue show in 1990:

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