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CDA: Joe Allen and Mary Wilson

Joe Allen died at the age of 87. He had three restaurants in the theatre district - - the most popular was Joe Allen's, a cute, fun place where the food wasn't too fancy or expensive. He decorated the walls with posters from notorious Broadway flops. My favorite was for *Lolita,* Edward Albee's adaptation of the Nabokov play. It played for 31 previews and 12 performances in 1981 and starred Donald Sutherland as Humbert Humbert. Joe Allen also created Orzo, a posh Italian place next to Joe Allen's. My favorite of his restaurants was Bar Centrale, upstairs from Joe Allen's. It's a secret place, there's no marking of any kind making you think it's a restaurant. Great food and a chill vibe. And you often see famous people there.

And Mary Wilson, best known as one of the original Supremes! NOT a fan of Miss Ross! She was 76. Here she is on *Donahue* in 1986.

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